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Rev. Howard Dill   allentempleame@northrock.bm
04-01-2013 1:27:22 PM CST
To: My Connectional AMEC family, I thank you on behalf of my family for your words of expression. Please know that all remains well.

Pastor Dennis J. Hampton   PastorHampton@aol.com
03-13-2013 4:28:02 PM CST
Glory and Praise to God for what He has done and continues to do. Sis. Barbara P. Hampton, who became sick at the AME Church General Conference in Nashville is now in her ninth (9th) month of hospitalization. After spending 33 days in the hospital in Nashville; August 6th she was air-ambulanced to a Tulsa hospital where she remains. To date two of the original abdominal fistula's have not fully healed/closed. Sis Barbara remains in good Spirit and continues to maintain her daily walks about the hospital ward. As of the 2nd week of March she has been placed on a regular/solid food diet and the TPN which had been her primary food/nutrition source via IV has been removed. In the past few months, the leakage from the abdominal fistulas have dropped from a daily measure of 180 ML to currently about 10 ML. There are preliminary discussions about discharging her to continue healing from home. However, the date of her discharge have not been determined. We are aware that, even after her discharge, her healing and recovery will continue through-out 2013 and into the early part of 2014. We are essentially looking at Spring/Summer 2014 before she will be able to resume work and/or continue her education. (She had planned to began her Masters Degree studies in the Fall/2012.) Please be assured that our faith remains strong. We have no doubt that God will continue to see us through this. Our position yet remains that "her body is broken but not our faith". Without a doubt, God has this. My Brothers and Sister, the Lord would have you to know and understand that the "the things which have happened unto us have fallen out for the furtherance of the Gospel". While this and the aforementioned paragraph, in particular, may seem strange. Please be assured that the significance of the bonds - of our health challenges - in Christ, are made manifest throughout the whole church palace, both high and low and in many other places. We appreciate you as you continue to journey with us in faith, prayer and healing. As we journey together, you too will no doubt "wax confident" in the understanding that the LORD is in this. Oh wretched man that I am, who am I that Thou wouldst find favor? Nevertheless, at Thy command I am compelled to admonish "those who are called by HIS name" to "stand still and see the salvation of the LORD". In HIS Spirit. P. O. Box 480901, Tulsa, OK 74148-0901

Presiding Elder David & Allie Reddick   ladyallie1@centurytel.net
03-11-2013 12:20:23 PM CST
THANK YOU FOR YOUR KINDNESSES: During this difficult time for us, we have truly relied so much on faith, hope, strength and the love of family and friends. You have shown your love in so many beautiful ways and we will not forget your kindness. We thank you so much for your calls, visits, food, comfort, support, expressions of love and all other acts of kindness shown during the Celebration of Life for our beloved Sister Florence and beloved Mother, Mrs. L. Alyce M. Reddick Ingram. We are grateful to God for he has blessed us with a wonderful circle of family and friends, who surrounded us with love. Thank you again for all acts of kindness shown. Please continue to keep us in your prayers today, tomorrow, and the days ahead. We Love You and God Bless! Presiding Elder David & Allie Reddick---Beloved Sister; Florence Elaine “Bee” Bell-Sconiers, April 27, 1959—January 31, 2013; Beloved Mother. Mrs. L. Alyce M. Reddick Ingram, June 10, 1908 – February 18, 2013.

Manuel DomingosVunge   manueldomingosvunge@hotmail.com
02-20-2013 6:26:26 AM CST

Eu Rev.Manuel Domingos Vunge,estou muito feliz por ser pastor desta igreja IMEA desejo bencas a todos meus Bispos da IMEA,sou de Angola.

From The Dyson Family   amedyson@hotmail.com
02-14-2013 12:30:57 AM CST
Thank You dearest friends for your cards, letters, thoughts and prayers during our recent illness. They cheered us up. As you may know by now, we are out of the hospitalization stage and our daughters are helping us through the home care stage. I have had a heart attack and Marianne is recovering from a stroke, and yet we both remain hopeful. Continue to pray for us. As we move forward with the healing process. Presiding Elder Emeritus, Rev. William A. Dyson, Sr. and Dr. Marianne Dyson, Virginia Conference of the Second Episcopal District, Presiding Prelate, Bishop William P. Deveaux and Dr. PAM Deveaux, Supervisor.

Rev. Eloyce Cartwright
01-23-2013 4:25:22 PM CST
Thank you so very much for your prayers. We felt every one and they have continued to sustain us. Love, Rev. Eloyce Cartwright

Chantal Jacobs-Khan
01-19-2013 1:15:05 AM CST
To all at the The African Methodist Episcopal Church Clergy Family Information Center, Thank you all kindly for your sympathies, condolences and most importantly your prayers, it is much appreciated. Sincerely Chantal Jacobs-Khan

Carroll and Chris Chambliss
01-06-2013 2:31:41 AM CST

CAPT, USN (RET) CARROLL RANDOLPH CHAMBLISS/CHRISTENE HELEN KNEW CHAMBLISS CELEBRATE THEIR 70TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY JANUARY 2, 2013: Oh how good it is to have this stellar group to think of us. You stand so much as a component of the type of service Carroll had in mind when he wrote under the caption “The Church of My Choice”. Now you have put the modern technology into good use to serve the Church with useful communication. May God always bless your work. Carroll and Chris Chambliss

Dr. Bettye J. Allen
12-29-2012 7:13:52 PM CST
Dear Ora, It is so great to stay connected. You are a blessing to the mission of communication in the AME church family. I know the AME family appreciates you. You can rest assured that I do! May God Bless you with healing and good health in 2013. Dr. Bettye J. Allen, 4th Episcopal District 12/29/2012

Pastor Dennis J. Hampton   PastorHampton@aol.com
12-23-2012 12:55:56 AM CST
From: Pastor Dennis J. & Sis. Barbara P. Hampton, 12th Episcopal District AMEC Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Wishing you health and happiness this Holiday Season and prosperity in the New Year. We value our relationship and thank you for being supportive of us during Sis. Barbara's health challenges and ongoing hospitalization. We thank you for continuing in prayer for her healing and wellness. Please know that Sis. Barbara continues to improve. Yes, she remains in the hospital since her initial July 3rd hospitalization and surgeries while attending the AMEC General Conference, Nashville, TN. We praise God that her wound was closed November 12th - (after having been open since July 9th). However, of the initial seven (7) Abdominal Fistulas (AF) there are two (2) AF still leaking. We are thankful that assessments indicate that one of the remaining AF's is almost healed/closed and the other AF continues to slowly heal. We continue to move forward knowing that "God got this". November 1st we happily celebrated Sis. Barbara's 50th birthday from the St. John Medical Center Tulsa, OK. Subsequently, we joyfully celebrated our 15th Wedding Anniversary - December 20th - from SJMC. Sis Barbara continues to walk daily, is on a solid food diet and remains in good Spirit. Additionally, the Lord continues to give me strength as I juggle - among other things - issues surrounding Sis. Barbara's health & wellness, the demands of the Pastorate and Seminary Classes. Again, we thank you for journeying with us in prayer and expressions of love during such a time as this. Please be assured that "her body is broken but not our faith" In His Spirit. Pastor Dennis J. & Sis. Barbara P. Hampton P. O. Box 480901 Tulsa, OK 74148 Email: PastorHampton@aol.com Cell: 918.809.3487

Rev BJ Friley   bfriley@cablelynx.com
12-09-2012 7:21:39 PM CST
I have lost my Brother. We had known each other ever since we were 4 years old because we played Little League Baseball together and also because our fathers served in the Army Reserves together. Quincy is 1 of my friends who encouraged me to go into the Ministry. His 2 God-Sons' Father was the other friend - Rev Brian "BC" Crawford. One week before he died he met my late wife Mrs. Brenda Kay Friley - now they are both in Heaven patiently awaiting my arrival. Rev BJ Friley - Vicksburg, MS

Rev. Dennis J. Hampton   PastorHampton@aol.com
11-13-2012 3:50:59 PM CST
To God Be the Glory for What HE is bringing Sis Barbara & I through. The surgery was successful. Sis Barbara's wound is closed. Praise God, Praise God, Praise God. We were apprised in advance that the services of a plastic surgeon were required to close the wound because the flesh would not meet. She is in ICU with some degree of breathing challenges. These challenges are expected to be less of a problem in the next day or so and as her body heals. Breathing is aided by machine and tubes have been inserted down her throat. In the days ahead, her body has to heal, stomach muscles which haven't been used for over four months have to be strengthened and her body has to be slowly and systematically re-introduced to food. She has not had food on her stomach since July 9th. We will continue to keep you abreast of Sis Barbara's progress. Thank you for your prayers. Rev. Dennis J. Hampton P O Box 480901 Tulsa, OK 74148

Rev. Dennis J. Hampton   PastorHampton@aol.com
11-11-2012 1:09:01 AM CST
Greetings, Sis Barbara & I are thankful for your many prayers and expressions of support since her July 3rd hospitalization at Nashville General Hospital during the General Conference and her ongoing Tulsa hospitalization. Sis Barbara was transferred via Air Ambulance to a Tulsa hospital August 6th. She is still in the hospital and to date her wound remains open. She is being fed intravenously. Therefore, it has been since July 3rd since she has had food to eat. She also continues to do her daily walks. Since her initial hospitalization she has gone into the Operating Room approximately 25 times. We are blessed that God has brought her through each surgery. We are pleased to report that surgery has been scheduled for Monday November 12th at 1:00 PM cst. The surgery is to close off the abdominal fistulas and close her wound. Please be assured that Sis. Barbara and I continue to be in good Spirit and our faith is strong. Sis. Barbara's reply to a Sister in Christ, who asked how she is doing, best speaks to our Faith Position when she stated: "My body is broken, but not my Faith". I will keep you abreast of Sis. Barbara's progress. In HIS Spirit. Rev. Dennis J. Hampton P O Box 480901 Tulsa, OK 74148 Phone: 918-809-3487

Rev. Micheal A. Smith   revmichealasmith@aol.com
09-03-2012 1:23:57 PM CST
Hello All, It is with deep regret and sympathy that I announce the death of Mr. Floyd Johnson. Mr. Johnson was the Father of Ms. Miriam Smith, the grandfather of Rev. Dr. Micheal A. Smith (Pastor of St. Andrews AME Church-Detroit) and Rev. Mishca R. Smith and the great-grandfather of Malcolm and Marcus Smith. Please keep our family in your prayers as we try to navigate the turbulent waters of grief and transition. Sincerely, Micheal & Mishca The funeral arrangements are as follows: The service will be held at: Ebenezer African Methodist Episcopal Church 5151 West Chicago Ave. Detroit, Michigan 48204 Friday, September 7, 2012 Family Hour: 10:30am Funeral: 11:00am Please send cards and condolences to the following: Ms. Miriam Smith 18915 Hull Detroit, Michigan 48203 Rev. Dr. Micheal A. Smith 370 West Van Buren Street Battle Creek, Michigan 49037 Funeral Preparation and Care has been entrusted to: Cole Funeral Home Northwest Chapel 16100 Schaefer Hwy. Detroit, Michigan 48235 313-835-3997

Rev. Dr. Carey G. Anderson   pastorcarey@aol.com
08-10-2012 4:07:28 AM CST
Mother Anne M. White, a long standing member of First AME Church, Oakland, CA, passed on Saturday August 4, 2012, at her home. Mother White was the Mother of the Rev. Dr. Carey G. Anderson, Pastor of First AME Church, Seattle, WA. She was a Life Member of the WMS and the Lay Organization in the California Conference and had been elected a delegate to the General Conference from 1980 to 2000. Funeral services will be held at First AME Church, Oakland, CA, on Tuesday August 14, 2012 at 11am. Her Pastor, the Rev. Dr. Harold R. Mayberry will delivery the Eulogy and officiate over the service. Remember the family in your prayers.

Rev. Terri Strong   terristrong3082@att.net
08-05-2012 1:28:58 AM CST

Rev. Terri Strong graduated on May 18, 2012 with a Master's of Divinity from Payne Theological Seminary. Rev. Strong is an Itinerant Elder in the 13th Episcopal District. Rev. Strong also has a gospel CD entitled "It Was His Heart" available on cdbaby.com, itunes, spotify,amazon.com, and terristrong.org. Rev. Strong has two publications for youth and young adults and those young at heart entitled "Wee Wisdom" and Inspiration for Life's Journey" available at authorhouse.com, amazon.com and terristrong.org.

Rev. Dennis J. Hampton   PastorHampton@aol.com
07-19-2012 12:44:39 AM CST
A word of thanks from Nashville General Hospital @ Meharry:Please know that Sis Barbara and I are thankful for your many prayers, love and support regarding her emergency surgery July 3rd during the General Conference. Subsequently,the Lord brought her through a 2nd surgery on July 10th and several medical procedures. Thursday July 19th she will go under anesthesia for another medical procedure. Just as the Lord brought her through the surgeries and subsequent medical procedures we are faithful that HE will continue to see her through. Again, we are we are indeed thankful for you. Please know that though it appears we are at least a couple weeks away from her being well enought to be released she continues to improve. Rev. Dennis J. HamptonTulsa, OKPastorHampton@aol.com

Mrs. Erma J. Chambers
07-17-2012 11:41:16 PM CST
Thank you for caring and sharing. I personally appreciate the connectional posting of my brother's death, Dr. James Brown and likewise the announcement regarding the celebration of 50 years in ministry for my husband, Rev. Samuel W. Chambers and today, July 17th is the celebration of our 47th wedding anniversary. May God bless you and your work! In his service, Mrs. Erma J. Chambers Wayman Chapel AMEC 1120 6th Avenue New Brighton, Pa. 15066

Rev.&Mrs Larry Ross   poohbear1128@cableone.net
07-16-2012 8:17:53 PM CST
We are proud to announce that our grandson,became the first AME in our family to receivce a President"s Education Award for Outstanding Academic Achevicement signed by the First Black President, Marqwon M. Beed is a 4th grader at Trice Elementary in Texarkana, Ar and we the family are very proud of him and thanks the AME Church for the Help we had to raise him

Gwendolyn C. Brown
06-17-2012 11:51:51 PM CST
Dear AME Church Family, Thank you so kindly for your prayers, contacts, your many cards of encouragement, and presence for my family and I in the death of my nephew. Your thoughtfulness and expressions of love and support are sincerely appreciated. We pray that God will continue to wonderfully blessed you! Gwendolyn C. Brown

Barbara L. Harris
06-01-2012 2:26:53 PM CST
We are blessed to celebrate the 90th birthday of Rev. Robert Kirk, Sr., retired Presiding Elder of the Indiana South District, June 11th. He is the father of Rev. Barbara L. Harris, pastor of Bethel Richmond,IN and Rev. Robert Kirk Jr, ministerial staff member at St. Phillip AME Church, Atlanta, GA. To God be the Glory!

Rev. Clive Pillay
05-12-2012 11:25:35 PM CST
05-07-2012 30:15 Greetings, Allow me to on behalf of my cousin Sean Pillay and the family to extend a word of thanks to all those who took the time to write a note of support /call or send an sms message to our family during our time of bereavement. Men of our Zion like retired Elder Alton Paris just dropping a simple note: thinking of you and your family - making a world of difference during our time of challenge when death entered suddenly. Bishops and General Officers not being too busy to extend a word of support. It is gestures like these that that conveys a message that "your labour is not in vain". Times without number I have sent information regarding our Zion as my contribution in keeping he banner of Christianity and African Methodism flying high. Response like these only encourage the effort to keep on keeping on, someone IS listening, someone IS reading and most important of all, someone cares and appreciate the little we do Stay blessed and keep on loving.

Bettye McGlockton
05-10-2012 1:15:07 AM CST
09-30-2011 1:15:42 AM CST My Sisters and Brothers in the Connectional Church, On the behalf of the family of MSGT Gwendolyn Ashley, we thank you for your expressions of encouragement, concern, love and support in the passing of our sister. Your calls and card that are still coming are comforting. Be assured that your contributions of spiritual and emotional support are greatly appreciated and will be remembered by all of us as we adjust to Gwen's absence. God bless and keep each of you is our prayer! Bettye McGlockton, elderest sister of Ms. Ashley.

Rev. Mary D. Myrick
05-10-2012 1:13:31 AM CST
06-09-2011 2:12:38 PM CST We, the members of the family of the late Collins H. Myrick, Sr., take this opportunity to thank the entire connectional AME Church for all your prayers, calls, cards and all forms of condolences that was shown during our loss. Because of your caring and concern we are able to bear our loss with strength. All the acts of concerns are genuinely appreciated. Rev. Mary D. Myrick, Pastor, McChapel AME Church, Mariana, Florida

Mrs. Joyce W. Jenerette
05-10-2012 1:11:40 AM CST
02-23-2011 12:51:22 AM CST To Our AME Family and Friends: There aren't enough words to express our heartfelt thanks and gratitude for the outpouring of love extended to us during the passing of our loved one, the Reverend James E. Jenerette. Your cards, flowers, prayers, and phone calls helped sustain us through a difficult period in our lives as we try to adapt to the reality of Rev. Jenerette's transition. We ask that you continue to pray for us as we continue to work in God's vineyard without him. We pray God's richest blessings for each of you and are grateful for your love and prayers. Continue to be blessed! Sincerely, Mrs. Joyce W. Jenerette and Family

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