October 2023 Necrology 

 "For we know that if the earthly tent we live in is destroyed,

we have a building from God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens."

- Listed In Sequential Order -

Mr. Eugene Phillip Turner, father and brother, the brother of Saundra Lucas-Fields (Willie) Sherwood, AR, Twelfth Episcopal District, a member (Secretary) of the Social Action Commission of the African Methodist Episcopal Church

Sister Sandra Tucker, the sister of Rev. Willie Boothe and Sis. Jackie Boothe, Portsmouth Richmond Roanoke District, Virginia Conference, Second Episcopal District

Brother RyShaun D. Foster, the grandson of Mr. Joseph Jackson and Reverend Donna Jackson, Pastor of Pine Hill (Sumter) African Methodist Episcopal Church, Sumter District, Northeast Annual Conference of the Seventh Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church

Brother Delthy Carlette Hinton, the brother of Elder Larry Stanwyck Hinton, Former Presiding Elder of The Northern District of The North Carolina Annual Conference, Second Episcopal District African Methodist Episcopal Church  

The Rev. Adv. Thubjane Levy Mahasha, former pastor and presiding elder in the West Annual Conference and West Annual Conference, Nineteenth Episcopal District, husband to Nomvula Brenda Mahasha, father to three children

Mr. Michael Eugene Smith, brother of Sister Sherry Peyton, Connectional WMS Corresponding Secretary, Eighth Episcopal District, African Methodist Episcopal Church

Ms. Patricia Ann Gammon, the beloved mother of 1st Lady Nanette Gainous, Mother-in-law to Pastor Titus Gainous and Grandmother of Raven Gainous, 11th District RAYAC President (Mt. Pleasant A.M.E. Church, Lakeland, FL)

Sis. Pearl C. Swann, WMS Life Member and Mother of the Rev. Dana A. Swann and Sis. Rosemarie Swann Thompson, Washington Conference, Second Episcopal District

The Reverend Theo Mays, the Pastor of Israel Chapel AMEC, Port Arthur, Texas in the North Houston District of the Texas Conference, Tenth Episcopal District, he was on the verge of completing his 11th year of service as Pastor at Israel Chapel AMEC

Mother Alice Faye Green, the mother of Rev. Robert J. Green, (Mother in Love to Evangelist Bridgett Green), the pastor of Jones AME Praise & Worship Center, Houston, TX in the North Houston District, Texas Conference, Tenth Episcopal District

Sister Sharon Spencer, the eldest sister of Evangelist Marian Gillian and Rev. Dr. Etta East Anderson, pastor of Evening Chapel AMEC, Grand Prairie, TX in the Greater Dallas District of the North Texas Conference, Tenth Episcopal District

The Reverend Billy C. Counter, the Pastor of Cooper Chapel A.M.E. Church, Bristow, Oklahoma, Twelfth Episcopal District, spouse of 48 years of Presiding Elder Lenora M. Counter of the AME Zion Church, a father and grandfather

The Reverend Dr. Robert Keesee, Presiding Elder Emeritus, Tennessee Conference, who served with distinction for many years as a Pastor, Presiding Elder and was a Connectional leader and mentor to many in the Thirteenth Episcopal District of African Methodist Episcopal Church; he was a devoted husband, father and grandfather

Brother Billy D. Martin, the father of Presiding Elder Randolph (Charolett - Connectional 1st Vice President, WMS) Martin, Retired, Hot Springs, AR, Twelfth Episcopal District; Tony Martin; Brad Martin, Karen (Joe) Martin Fearce

Sister Flora Jane Chandler Harris, former member of the General Board of the AME Church, former Connectional Lay 3rd Vice President and former President of the First Episcopal District Lay Organization

Sister Violester Vance, mother of Sis. Patricia Campbell, 8th Episcopal District Lay President

Mr. Simuel Morris Mullen of Hastings, Nebraska, the uncle of Rev. Dr. Anna E. Mosby, Senior Pastor of St. Paul AME Church Washington, DC, and Second Episcopal District President of AME WIM

Presiding Elder Clarence Vernon Boyd, Sr. Ret., the spouse of CONN-M-SWAWO+PKs founding member, Sister Birdie M. Boyd; a member of the General Board of the AME Church for several years, member of the Twelfth Episcopal District

Sister Jeanetta Francis Dean, the wife of Earnest Dean, mother of Aowonno and Lavar, the sister of Reverend Recie Medlock, Pastor of St. James AME Church, Mansfield, LA, and the niece of Reverend Woodrow Williams, (retired, AME Church), Eighth Episcopal District

Ms. Rosalind Perrin, 83, the mother of Reverend Earl Perrin, Jr., the pastor of Delaine-Waring A.M.E. Church, Buffalo, New York of the Western New York Conference of the First Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church

Ms. Caledonia Henry, the, mother of Rev. Dr. Walter Henry, (only son) Pastor of St. James AME Church, Memphis, Tennessee, West Tennessee Conference, Thirteenth Episcopal District.

The Reverend Robert Randolph Riley, Jr., retired pastor in the Texas Annual Conference, Tenth Episcopal District

Mr. John L. Coby, the father of Evangelist Bridgett L. Green, first lady of Jones AME Praise & Worship Center in Houston, Texas, where she serves with her husband, Rev. Robert J. Green in the Texas Conference, Tenth Episcopal District

First Lady Pamela Evette Williams Thompson, the wife of The Reverend Chico Thompson, Pastor of Dulaney AME and Pine Level AME Churches, both in the Camden District of the Southwest Alabama Annual Conference of the Ninth Episcopal District 


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On behalf of Social Action Commission Chair, Bishop E. Anne Henning Byfield, Dr. Jacquelyn DuPont-Walker, Director/Consultant-Social Action Commission, we extend profound sympathy to all bereaved families. "We wish you the peace that comes from knowing God Is There and pray that He will keep you in His Promised, Gentle Care."


In Sympathy and Prayer,

Ora L. Easley, International Administrator