Congratulatory Announcements

November 2022

*Bishop Michael Mitchell and Supervisor Cordelia Mitchell, Episcopal Leadership Team of the Twelfth District / New Grandson Arrival, Robert Jerome Hodges, III, “aka” R3



Bishop and Episcopal Supervisor Mitchell lovingly holding their new grandson Robert Jerome Hodges, III, “aka” R3

Bishop Michael Mitchell and Supervisor Cordelia Mitchell, daughter and son-in-law, Channing and Robert Hodges, II, announce with great joy and excitement the arrival of Robert Jerome Hodges, III, “aka” R3! He was born on November 15th, weighing 6 lbs. 3 oz. Although he surprised us and came three weeks early, he is doing well and has already captured the hearts of his mom, dad,
G-Pop, Honey and TiTi Coco.

We give God all the glory for blessing Channing to have a safe delivery.  And we pray that God will sustain and strengthen the new parents to get through the newborn stage of sleepless nights and days.

Grace and peace,

Bishop Michael and Supervisor Cordelia Mitchell

520 North Locust Street
North Little Rock, AR 72114
(501) 375-4310
(501) 375-0306 (FAX)


*Former Connectional Officers Drs. John Q. and Dorothy Owens are Proud Grandparents 
of Kevin Owens, II

Former Connectional Officers, Drs. John Q. and Dorothy Owens, “Proud Grandparents” of Kevin Owens, II, graduate of Emery - Riddle Aeronautical University, undergraduate and master’s degree, Summa Cum Laude, started his professional career, age 25 at NASA Kennedy Space Center as a Space Systems Engineer!! His Goal is to become an Astronaut. 

Kelvin in his conference room and office


A continuation of pictures (launch up)


Artemis I, The last Launch into space.  Presently in preparation for Artemis II that will Launch In 2024

“For it’s good to be children sometimes, and never better than Christmas, when it’s Mighty Founder was a Child Himself.”

Congratulatory responses can be emailed to: (Drs. John Q. and Dorothy Owens).


On behalf of Social Action Commission Chair, Bishop E. Anne Henning Byfield and  Dr. Jacquelyn DuPont-Walker, Director, Social Action Commission, we extend congratulations as you praise God for the Joy of these significant milestones reached.