JULY 2018


**Bishop Frederick H. Talbot and Dr. Sylvia R. Talbot Celebrate 60th Wedding Anniversary

**We are so grateful to be able to announce that on July 11, 2018 Bishop Frederick Hilborn Talbot and I (Sylvia Ross Talbot) will celebrate our 60th Wedding Anniversary.  Our lives have been full, demanding, exciting, challenging and fulfilling and we thank God for the vision, energy and fortitude.    

With the initiative of our friends, Fred and I met while we both were studying at Yale University; he in the Divinity School and I in the then Dept. of Public Health in the School of Medicine.

I arrived at Yale after graduating from the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico and several jobs in between.  Fred was surprised by an announcement by Bishop William Wilkes that he was the recipient of a full scholarship to Allen University, Columbia, South Carolina and graduated in 1954.

We both graduated from Yale University the same day in June,1957. He left for Shorter College, Little Rock, AR to be Campus Minister and English teacher while I worked in New York City until I got a dream job in Sacramento, California. In 1958 we were married and I continued my work in Sacramento while Fred studied in Berkeley, California. He earned a Masters in Sacred Theology from Pacific School of Religion in 1959, Immediately we left for Wilberforce, Ohio where he joined the staff of Payne Theological Seminary.

Following The death of his Uncle, the Rev. D.P. Talbot in 1960, we moved to then British Guiana to pastor his home church, St. Peter’s A.M.E. Church.  We arrived in Guiana at a time of tension and upheaval as there was a movement to gain independence from England. I was first employed as Teacher and later as Director of Health Education and we both attacked with the energy of young people on a mission and were very successful.

In 1966, I left to complete work on my doctorate at Teachers College, Columbia University in New York City and earned the Doctorate in Health Education in 1968. Fred continued to develop the church family and as a “beloved son of the soil” was very active in community affairs, serving as Vice Chair of the Social Service Commission, was a Justice of the Peace and active in the Ministers’ Alliance serving as Chairman for several years. Later, he succeeded in completing the building of a new church in mortar and membership – some say with “pennies from heaven” and converted and added to the old church building to establish the Agape Community Center.

In 1968,  I returned to Guiana and was immediately invited to serve as a Minister of Health of the new Government and served until 1971. That year, Fred was appointed as Guyana’s representative to the United Nations and I was appointed a delegate to serve during the annual Assembly.

In 1972, Fred was elected the 90th Bishop in the African Methodist Episcopal Church and assigned to the 16th Episcopal District serving until 1980. Understanding the needs of the District he designated his entire salary as a Bishop for the development of the District focusing on developing leadership providing more than 50 persons with scholarships to prepare for the ministry and other fields. Many of those persons now provide leadership in the District. During those eight years he was assigned first as Ambassador to the United States and Canada (1971-1975 and later as Ambassador or High Commissioner to several countries in the Caribbean -1975-1980. Resigning from his position in 1980.

During those eight years, I helped in developing the work in the District making more than 30 trips to the several islands, planning and supervising the first Connectional meeting of the District Women’s Missionary Society held in Haiti, Hosting the first meeting of the Connectional Young People’s Department overseas held in Guyana, building a Day Care Center in Kingston Jamaica, partnering with Bishop to host the first Connectional WMS meeting and Bishops’ Council Meetings outside the USA in Jamaica when more than 2000 AME’s attended.  I was also active in the World Council of Churches, first as member of the Christian Medical Commission and later its Moderator (Chairperson) 1976-1983.

Bishop Fred served as Bishop of the 6th Episcopal District (Georgia) 1980-1988, built the long wished for Dormitory on the campus of the Interdenominational Theological Center, purchased a Retreat Center in Columbus, Georgia. and as usual became involved in the life and work of the State. He also attended Columbia Seminary in Decatur and in 1987 earned the degree of Doctor of Ministry. My involvement in World Council of Churches programs increased with my election as one of the four officers of the Central Committee 1983-1990.  At the same time, I was elected President of Church Women United /USA serving 1984-1988 and continued to work closely with the Women’s Missionary Society and YPD.

Bishop’s assignment as Ecumenical Officer 1988-1992 allowed time to attend Harvard University as Resident Fellow for a semester. Having moved back to St. Croix, I was happy to get involved in work with the Women’s Coalition and my local church as well as continue my work with the WCC. In 1989 when Hurricane Hugo destroyed the infrastructure of the island I was recruited to establish the Interfaith Coalition and am proud to report it still exists 28 years after. For years it was the only interfaith organization in the world that included members of the Christian (including Roman Catholic and Seven-Day Adventist), Moslem, Ba’hai and Jewish faiths. I served as its Director for five years building the agency from a staff of one to five and raising $1.5 million to help rebuild homes, then left to join Bishop in the 12th District, serving from 1992-2000.

Bishop served in the 13th District, Tennessee and Kentucky 2000-2004 retiring in 2004.

A trained baritone and a great lover of music, Bishop Fred has produced several CD’s and has written many hymns. He has also written several books.

We have been very fortunate in having our work recognized. Bishop has received the highest honor, the Cacique Crown of Honor from the Government of Guyana and many other honors from churches. He received the high honor of Lux et Veritus from Yale University and recognition from PSR.

I am especially moved by the recognition by the University of the Virgin Islands of my service as a Trustee, and also Vice Chair for several years by naming me Trustee Emeritus and also naming me one of “25 Most Prominent Men and Women of the U.S. Virgin Islands” and by ESSENCE magazine recognizing my work on two occasions, the last one being the title of “Legend of Our times” in 1990.
*Submitted by Dr. Sylvia Ross Talbot, Supervisor retired

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**Congratulations to Bishop E. Anne Henning Byfield, Presiding Prelate of the Sixteenth Episcopal District African Methodist Episcopal Church  for being included in the Ecumenical Hymnal: One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism

Congratulations to Bishop E. Anne Henning Byfield for being included in the Ecumenical Hymnal: One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism.  Her hymn, O Come Give Thanks was presented at the Hampton Ministers’ and Music Conference on June 5, 2018 directed by Rev. Anthony Vinson, immediate past Connectional Director of the Music and Christian Arts Conference.   The Hymnal was distributed at the 2018 AMEC Council of Bishops and The General Board in Atlanta, GA. The hymn was also performed at the Music and Christian Arts Conference of the AMEC Christian Education Congress under Dr. Garland Pierce, Executive Director. and directed by Dr. James Abbington.  Dr. Abbington is the Compiler of the One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism GIA Publication.
Congratulatory Expressions can be emailed to:


Or sent by postal mail to:
The Right Rev. E. Anne Henning Byfield,
Presiding Prelate, 16th Episcopal District
Post Office Box 55106
Indianapolis, IN 46205-0106