*Rev. Dr. Brenda Arnold-Scott, Sr. Pastor of Mt. Calvary AME Church-Houston, ends a year of remarkable achievements

Congratulations are in order in recognition of some of the multiple back-to-back milestone achievements that have transpired over the past year, for the now, Rev. Dr. Brenda Arnold-Scott.  Dr. Arnold-Scott is serving her 10th year in pastoral ministry, with her current appointment as pastor of Mt. Calvary AME Church, Houston, Texas, located in the Tenth Episcopal District under the leadership of Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie. In May of 2017, she retired from the City of Houston as Deputy Director of the Housing and Community Development Department, after almost 30 years of service. This 30-year journey resulted in a legacy that continues to speak. In her various roles, up to the highest executive level, she impacted the lives of more than one million low and moderate-income Houstonians; and thousands of homeless individuals, with public services, infrastructure improvements, housing, and jobs.  Her work was so impressive that she was nominated for and named as winner of the 2017 Bravo Award, the highest honors given to City of Houston employees who have not only demonstrated extraordinary service in their careers, but in the larger community; and in the church community. She received recognition by the City of Houston for ministries under her leadership at Mt. Calvary AME Church in Houston, that are impacting the community. They are the, the Happy Feet Project”, and the “Children’s Therapeutic Outreach Project.” Both projects were founded and launched three years ago under her leadership; and have served more than 1,000 families to date. Rev. Arnold-Scott believes that with God, these ministries are about the business of, “making small big,” clearly evidencing the great impact that small charges can make in a community. She also received two Proclamations from the Mayor of the City of Houston, proclaiming Brenda Arnold-Scott Day—one submitted by the non-profit community, the other submitted by her colleagues and staff who were among the cloud of witnesses to her extraordinary acumen.

In, December 2017, within a few months of retirement, she completed her doctoral work (Doctor of Ministry, with a concentration in Urban Culture) at Southern Methodist University (SMU), in Dallas, TX.  She defended her dissertation, “Shadow of Rights of the Disabled: Executing Social Action to Address a Political Theological Dilemma in Housing Law,” with honors.  Rev. Dr. Arnold-Scott is participating in the May 2018 graduation ceremony at Southern Methodist University, where she will be hooded. Her scholarship earned her an invitation into SMU’s Golden Key International Honor Society, in May 2017. Rev. Dr. Arnold-Scott has no biological children but has been instrumental in helping to shape the lives of her nieces and nephews. She shares this graduation season with two nieces, both of whom she has supported in their educational endeavors. One will receive a B.S. in Digital Communications, the other a Doctor of Optometry, in May 2018.

January 2018 represented the official release of her new book entitled, “30 Days to You: Prophecy, Manifestation, & Revelation, A Journal.”   30 Days to You: The Workbook, is currently underway; and is scheduled for release later in the year.

Daily, she gives thanks to God for allowing her to experience this time in her life of, “Eye has not seen, ear has not heard; nor have entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.”

Congratulatory remarks can be emailed to: brendaarnoldscott@yahoo.com, or sent to Rev. Dr. Arnold-Scott, a 5018 Antoine Dr., Suite 170 B, Houston, TX 77092.

 Congratulations to Alexis Gatson Heaston


*Congratulations to Alexis Gatson Heaston. Alexis will receive a Doctoral Degree in Educational Leadership from Tennessee State University in Nashville, Tennessee. Commencement ceremonies will be held on Friday, May 4, 2018 at 5:00 PM at the Howard Gentry Complex. Alexis grew up in Saint Peter AME Clarksville, Tennessee and now is a member of Payne Chapel AME Nashville, TN under the leadership of Pastor W.A. Sinkifield. Alexis is the Daughter of Presiding Elder, Alexander Gatson and Mrs. Annette Gatson of the North District, Tennessee Annual Conference. 

Congratulatory responses can be sent to: alexisgatson08@gmail.com


*Congratulations to Jeffrey Wayne Norfleet II

Congratulations to Jeffrey Wayne Norfleet II.  Jeffery will receive a Doctoral Degree in Education with an emphasis in Leadership and Professional Practice at the 117th Commencement Exercises of Trevecca Nazarene University on Saturday May 5. 2018 at 9:00 AM. Jeffery is a General Board Member and the 1st Vice President of the Tennessee Conference Lay Organization. Jeffery is a member of Saint Paul AME Church Oakwood, Tennessee where his father Reverend Jeffery W. Norfleet, Sr serves as pastor and his mother Mrs. Cathy Norfleet is the first lady.

Congratulatory responses can be sent to: Jeffery.Norfleet@gmail.com


*Congratulations to Rev. Jonathan C. Augustine -

Congratulations to Rev. Jonathan C. Augustine.  Rev.  Augustine, pastor of Historic St. James AME Church and adjunct professor at Southern University Law Center, on having his work, "The Fiery Furnace, Civil Disobedience, and the Civil Rights Movement: A Biblical Exegesis on Daniel 3 and Letter From Birmingham Jail," published in the Richmond Public Interest Law Review. The work connects the Babylonian Exile with the Jim Crow Deep South and the Black Lives Matter Movement, 50-years after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.   

The article can be read below: 

Congratulatory messages can be emailed to: jayaugustine9@gmail.com.



The Class of 2018 is Payne Theological Seminary’s 125th graduating class since its establishment by Daniel Alexander Payne in 1893!

MASTER OF DIVINITY DEGREE                              

  1. Adderley, Quinetta, Non-Denominational
  2. Baker, Carshena, 1st District  
  3. Berry, Ivy, 1st District
  4. Carpenter, Devorah, 1st District
  5. Chang, Michelle, 1st District                                
  6. Creer, Michelle, 3rd District                                 
  7. Curry, Ava, 11th District                                     
  8. Davis, Diana, 7th District                                    
  9. Flowers, Charles, 11th District                            
  10. Graves, Merritt, 7th District                                 
  11. Henderson, John, 6th District                               
  12. Johnson, Catrinka, 4th District                             
  13. Jones-Taylor, Shameka, 3rd District                      
  14. Lewis, Melvin, 7th District                                  
  15. Mangum, McRae, 6th District                              
  16. Mayberry, Vicki, 9th District                               
  17. McAllister, Bryan, 1st District
  18. McCune, Darlene, 1st District
  19. Reese, Agnelis, 8th District
  20. Roberts Jr., Dennis, 6th District
  21. Roberts-Bryant, Anda, 3rd District
  22. Ross, Barrington, 2nd District
  23. Stevens, Lenton, Non-Denominational
  24. Stevens, Michael, 6th District
  25. Tanner Jr., James 3rd District
  26. Thomas, Aliston, 1st District
  27. Thornton-Brownlee, Catherine, 1st District
  28. Tinsley, Yolanda, Baptist
  29. Washington, Leslie, 11th District
  30. White, Akia, 6th District
  31. White, Cassandra, 1st District
  32. Wilder, Patricia, 6th District
  33. Williams, Earnest, 6th District
  34. Williams, Gregory, 7th District
  35. Williams, Terry, 3rd District



1) Anderson, Aimee, 3rd District

2) Belin, Henry, 1st District

3) Billips, Eric, 1st District

4) Billips, Myra, 1st District

5) Booker, Spencer, 5th District

6) Boyer, Charles, 1st District

7) Brookins, Rosalynn , 5th District

8) Broomfield, Bettye, 7th District

9) Brown-Deloatch, Sonja, 13th District

10) Covington, Jermaine, 3rd District

11) Kearney, Daryl, 2nd District

12) Middleton, Linda, 2nd District

13) Purvis, William, Baptist

14)  Smith, Rodney, 9th District

15) Williams, Kary, 3rd District

16) Williams, Sidney, 1st District


The Rev. Dr. Rosalynn Kyle Smith Brookins, Former Episcopal Supervisor, Expresses Gratitude on receiving the Doctorate Degree from Payne Theological Seminary 

Former Episcopal Supervisor, Rev. Dr. Rosalynn Kyle Smith Brookins expresses words of thanks to the Episcopal families and the A.M.E. Church family for their continued support, and prayers over these past three years, as she perused her Doctorate Degree from Payne Theological Seminary.
Dr. Brookins Praises God, that on May 11, 2018, she completed her assignment, making her the first female to pass her oral exam for the D.Min from Payne.

Dr. Brookins will be presenting her work  "The Rebirth of the Woman's Prophetic Voice: Using Liberation to Empower Women for the 21st Century Church" at the Scholars Conference sponsored by Emory University on June 27, 2018.  She offers a very special thank you to Dr. Teresa Fry Brown for this great opportunity.
She states that none of this would have been possible had it not been for the following people: Sir Wellington Hartford Brookins, her beloved son, Bishop John Richard Bryant and Dr. Ray Hammond her mentors, Dr. J. T. Roberson, Dean, the faculty and staff of Payne Theological Seminary; Rev. Dr. (s) Thema Bryant Davis, Najuma Smith Pillars, Velma Union, Kaye Lindsey, ReGena Booze, Sharoni Little, and Rev. Cinithia Morris who served as Dr. Brookins context associates.  Last but certainly not least, she extends a heartfelt thank you to all of the officers and members of Walker Temple African Methodist Episcopal Church, Los Angeles, California.
Rev. Dr. Rosalynn Kyle Smith Brookins says, "To God be the glory for the great and mighty things He had done for me, with me, through me, despite of me, and because of me."

Congratulatory expressions can be emailed to: revrosalynnbrookins@gmail.com


Dr. Herman O. Kelly Jr. launches three Interdisciplinary Titles on African American Studies and Religion
Dr. Herman O. Kelly Jr. of the African & African American Studies Dept. at LSU has overseen the creation of three custom texts that have been purpose-built for his students for the upcoming Fall 2018 semester.

The Role of the African American Church in the Civil Rights Movement is an interdisciplinary examination of the importance of the Church in black life, exploring the agency it afforded otherwise disenfranchised persons during a period of social upheaval, culminating in the Civil Rights Act, a landmark act of Congress that finally acknowledged the status of African Americans and minorities as equal citizens under the eyes of the law. This custom title will be used in both Dr. Kelly’s AAAS 2025- African American Religion and AAAS 3902- History of the Civil Rights Movement courses. “The number one objective of my Civil Rights Movement course is to trace the development and influences of the Civil Rights Movement. I am pleased to be able to highlight the indispensable role played by black Churches in applying government pressure through sustained activism, galvanizing African Americans and others to demand their equal treatment under the law, and as a catalyst for the Civil Rights movement and passage of the Civil Rights Act.”
Black Rhetorical Traditions in the Civil Rights Movement, Volume 2  is a companion reader to Black Rhetorical Traditions in the Civil Rights Movement: Voices of Struggle and Strength, Dr. Kelly’s nationally marketed anthology paying homage to those that dared speak out in the face of danger. This second volume will be used in his AAAS 3044- Black Rhetorical Traditions course as a condensed reader. The objective of this course is to trace the development and early influences of notable black communicators, and the new companion text will look at flashpoints such as the lynching of Emmett Till and the desegregation of the American public-school system starting in Little Rock, Arkansas.
Dr. Kelly’s third new text is titled “Introduction to Religion: A Study of African American Religion” and studies the development of African American Religion and Churches from its roots in traditional African religion to the politically conscious tool of social justice that it is today. African American Religion has a particularly strong social and political bent and cannot be examined without considering its social agenda. Historically, it was a haven during the Underground Railroad, and more recently was a major factor in the Civil Rights Movement (an aspect Dr. Kelly explores at length in his first book “The Role of the African American Church in the Civil Rights Movement”).

About the Author:
Dr. Herman O. Kelly Jr. earned his doctoral degree in ministry at Memphis Theological Seminary, and now serves at Louisiana State University. Dr. Kelly teaches in both the School of Education and the African and African American Studies Program, for which he is the co-chair of the finance committee. His courses include the history of the civil rights movement and Black rhetorical traditions. He has most recently published Moments of Meditation Celebrating the Bicentennial of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, in Times Like These, and Black Rhetorical Traditions in the Civil Rights Movement: Voices of Struggle and Strength. Dr. Kelly is a past recipient of the NAACP Man of the Year Award, and recipient of the Kumba Community Member/Organization Award, a part of the 2017-18 LSU black History month held by the LSU Cultural Center recognizing individuals that have made an impact and meaningful contribution to their local communities.

Congratulatory messages can be emailed to: spidermh7@yahoo.com.