June 2017


Turner Theological Seminary Graduating Class of 2017


Turner Theological Seminary Graduating Class of 2017

Front (l-r): Robyn Burnett ( M. Div.), Dr. John Green , President/Dean, Carolynn Cameron ( M. Div.); 2nd row: Shanda Hartley ( M. Div.), Randy Rhodes ( M. Div.), Kathy Shider ( M. Div.), Courtney Mackey; 3rd Row: Keenan Hale ( M. Div.), Jeffery Darling ( M. Div.),
Sherryl Powell (D. Min.), Debra Knight ( M. Div.),
Jonathan Williams ( M. Div.), Danielle Hodge (M. Div.).


Turner Theological Seminary
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Bishop Zedekiah LaZett Grady (Ret.) and Mother Carrie Robertson Grady, Celebrates 60th Wedding Anniversary


On June 8th Bishop Zedekiah LaZett Grady (Ret.), the 111th elected & consecrated Bishop of the AME church, and Mother Carrie Robertson Grady, celebrated 60 years of matrimony. They were married on June 8, 1957 in Winnsboro, South Carolina.
Bishop, and Mother Grady met on the campus of Allen University in 1956. Bishop Grady was a student at Dickerson Theological Seminary and Mother Grady was a Freshman, majoring in Elementary Education. They were married at the end of her sophomore year. When Bishop asked for her hand in marriage, he promised her parents that their union would not impede her education.
He ran revivals all summer making up to $25.00 a week to ensure that her tuition was paid, and she graduated cum laude in 1959.  In the late 50’s and 60’s in South Carolina because of segregation, African-American teachers could not attend the University of South Carolina (USC), Clemson University, Winthrop University and several other schools in the state of S.C. With her husband’s help and support she attended New York University during the summers and Graduated with her M.A. in Education in 1967. 
They have supported each other over the years, as his ministry and her career as a cutting-edge educator took them from the Piedmont region of S.C. to the low country in South Carolina, the Edisto District and the Episcopacy. As Bishop and Supervisor, Mother Grady with her gracious, sophisticated and kind manner was the perfect companion to Bishop Grady who is known for his integrity as they served in the 16th, 9th and 1st Episcopal Districts.  They are extraordinary parents and role models to their children and grandchildren.
As a Homiletic's professor at Morris College and the Morris College extension school, Bishop Grady touched the lives of many successful pastors in the state of South Carolina. Preaching has always been the joy of his life.
Bishop and Mother Grady have always been examples of 2 Timothy 2:15, “Study and shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth” (KJV).  Because of this, they, and the family have established the Z L Grady Scholarship.  This award celebrates their legacy, and honors the memory of their son, Rev. Z.L. Grady II.  Annual scholarships will be provided to students at Allen University and Edward Waters College.  
Students must major in Religion, Music or Education to qualify. The first scholarships will be awarded in August 2017.
For more information or to contribute to the ZL Grady Family Legacy Scholarship Fund (ZLGSF) please contact:
Z.L. Grady Family Legacy Scholarship Fund (ZLGFLSF))
C/O Counts & Huger LLC
Atty. Kelvin M. Huger
P.O. Box 80399
Charleston, S.C. 29416
Please join them in thought and prayer as they quietly celebrate with family at home.
803 437-1571



Bishop Gregory G.M. and Rev. Dr. Jessica Kendall Ingram Celebrates, 40th Wedding Anniversary


Bishop Gregory G.M. and Rev. Dr. Jessica Kendall Ingram will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary on June 11, 2017.   They met in February of 1976 and were introduced to each other by Rev. Frank C. Cummings (not Bishop Cummings). Their first date was at the General Conference of 1976 in Atlanta, Georgia. They were united in Holy Matrimony on June 11, 1977 and spent their honeymoon at the Bishop's Council held in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  The marriage was performed by the late Bishop Hubert N. Robinson, Rev. Lonnie Wormerly and Bishop Frank C. Cummings.  The Ingram’s were married in Rev. Jessica's home church, Wayman A.M.E. in St. Louis, Missouri.

Since that wonderful day they have shared in marriage and ministry. They have served at Allen A.M.E. Alton, Illinois, St. John A.M.E. Springfield, Illinois, Quinn Chapel A.M.E. Chicago, Illinois and Oak Grove A.M.E. Detroit, Michigan. Rev. Gregory was elected as the 118th Bishop of the A.M. E. Church, July 2000 in the city of Cincinnati.

They have served the 15th and 10th district and currently are the Episcopal leaders of the First District.

They are blessed to have one child, Jennifer Eman, a son-in law, Greg and two beautiful granddaughters, Jayda and Gabby.

Expressions can be emailed to:  journeyministry@aol.com


The Reverend Ralph E. Johnson, received Doctor of Ministry Degree in Pastoral Leadership
 of Ministry De


On May 26, 2017 Ralph E. Johnson, pastor of St. John AME Church, of Nashville, TN, graduated from Andersonville Theological Seminary in Albany, GA.  He received the Doctor of Ministry in Pastoral Leadership, Summa Cum Laude.


Announcing the 59th Wedding Anniversary of Bishop Frederick Hilborn Talbot and Dr. Sylvia Evadney Ross Talbot

July 11, 2017 marks the 59th anniversary of the marriage of Bishop Frederick Hilborn Talbot (Retired), the Ninetieth Elected and Consecrated Bishop of the A.M.E. Church, and Dr. Sylvia Evadney Ross Talbot, Supervisor Retired.


Congratulatory messages can be emailed to:
92-B Smithfield
Frederiksted, VI 00840
(615) 429-0081


An Open Letter From Bishop Frederick Hilborn Talbot, 90th Elected and Consecrated Bishop of the A.M.E. Church; celebrating the 60th Anniversary Year of Graduation from Yale University

Greetings in the One Name!  On June 7th, 2017, Sylvia and I will celebrate the 60th anniversary of our graduation from Yale University:  she from the School of Public Health with the M.Sc. degree and I from the Yale Divinity School with the M.Div. degree.  My study at Yale was sustained by the A.M.E. Church through the late Bishop Frank Madison Reid, Sr. Gratitude abounds!
To mark this significant anniversary, I am anxious to add a substantial amount to the A.M.E. Scholarship Fund which I started some years ago at Yale Divinity School with a gift of $10,000 much of it provided by friends to mark my 80th birthday.  Since its formation A.M.E. students have benefitted from this Fund which is administered by the Yale Divinity School.  Their letters to me have fueled my determination to ensure that it will endure.  In addition, YDS has not only welcomed this Scholarship Fund but has also added funds to it.
Thus, on this special occasion I am reaching out to my family and friends once again to help me ensure that this Fund will endure by asking you to send a gift designating it as YDS:  AME Scholarship Fund.  You may send the check directly to the Director of Institutional Development, Yale Divinity School, 409 Prospect Street, New Haven, CT 06511.  If you prefer, you may send it to me, at 92B Smithfield, Frederiksted, VI 00840 for forwarding.  The Bursar of Yale University will send an acknowledgement appropriate for income tax purposes.
In addition to my interest in maintaining the Scholarship Fund at Yale, my plan is to establish three scholarships at Allen University.  Why?  On April 25, 1951, Bishop W.R. Wilkes, Sr., presiding Bishop of the 16th District before pronouncing the benediction for the Guiana-Surinam Annual Conference convened at the historic St. Peter’s A.M.E. Church in Georgetown, British Guiana, South America made this surprise announcement: “I am awarding a full scholarship to Fred Talbot to study at Allen University.”  There was an admixture of surprise and elation, for me as well.  And, in September 1951, I arrived at Allen to register and receive my full scholarship for which I had to work.  I graduated on May 24, 1954 with honors and immediately set out to Yale Divinity School on a Woodward scholarship which was personally guaranteed by Bishop F.M. Reid, Sr.  Thus, whatever I have become has been due to help from both Bishop Wilkes and Bishop Reid, Sr.  I have decided, therefore, as an act of becoming gratitude to establish tuition scholarships at Allen University in honor of those two Bishops, as well as, Bishop Frederick C. James, my teacher at Allen.  It will be initiated with gifts which I anticipate receiving for my 90th birthday on October 13th and which will be used exclusively for the Scholarship Fund.
The beloved sage, Bishop Daniel A. Payne, in a sense of elation often declared, “My! My! My!”  Bishop F.M. Turner, our pioneer liturgist, often thanked God for “mercies seen and unseen” and Bishop Payne often ended his informal letters with the initials, D.V. which is the abbreviation for the Latin dictum, Deo Volente (“God willing”).  And by these fathers I am energized and blest.
Sylvia joins me in sending regards coupled with mine.
Sincerely yours,
Frederick H. Talbot
Bishop (Retired)


Melanee C. Harvey recently received her doctorate (PhD) from Boston University


Melanee C. Harvey, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Louis-Charles Harvey of Washington DC and Daughter of Dr. Sharon Jefferson of Dayton, Ohio, recently received her PhD in Art and Architecture from Boston University, Boston Massachusetts.

Congratulatory messages can be emailed to: presidingelderh@aol.com, Dr. Louis-Charles Harvey, Presiding Elder, Capital District, Washington Conference.