Left to right: Bishop E. Anne Henning Byfield, Social Action Commission Chair,  Mrs. Jacquelyn DuPont-Walker, Director/Consultant, Social Action Commission and Mrs. Ora L. Easley, International Administrator, Clergy Family Information Center. 

The Clergy Family Information Center is an international email notification ministry, its MISSION, an online conduit of Sharing, Compassion and Caring. The ministry is a component of the Commission On Social Action of the African Methodist Episcopal Church; Bishop E. Anne Henning-Byfield, Commission Chair, Mrs. Jacquelyn DuPont Walker, Director/Consultant and Mrs. Ora L. Easley is the International Administrator of The Clergy Family Information Center. The ministry post email notifications to members of the African Methodist Episcopal Church from Episcopal Districts 1-20.  The ministry is a seven day a week and holidays endeavor reaching across continents and oceans.

The Primary Function of the Ministry is to inform e-mail recipients of deaths occurring within the families of God’s called servants, from the church leadership of bishops, general officers, connectional officers, and judicial council; to the presiding elders, pastors, ministerial staff and their families, the families of AME Church endorsed military personnel, denominational office staff, and the presidents and deans of AME Church seminaries, universities, and colleges.


(1) Each Episcopal District has an established Protocol for the Office of the Clergy Family Information Center to receive bereavement notifications for posting to the connectional church family. Please follow your Episcopal District Protocol in submitting bereavement notifications.

(2) When clergy family deaths occur and families are not aware of the protocol, please contact the episcopal district or  presiding elder office for guidance. 

*Necrology Listings by Month/Year for Memorial Committees:

The necrology data on this webpage is very beneficial to Annual Conference Memorial Committees preparing reports for Annual Conference. Font color notation: Purple fonts connote Episcopal Family; Red font, General Officers and Blue font, Connectional Officers/Judicial Council “Bold Fonts for Reports” (Directions, click on the Necrology Listing menu for the month of the reporting period needed and click downward for twelve (12 months to obtain report data). Annual Conferences are held in series in the Spring and Fall; therefore, due to this flex period,  pre-printed annual conference memorial reports are not available from the Office of the CFIC, the information is provided for memorial committee members to quickly prepare their needed reports.


**BEREAVEMENT NOTICE UPDATES: An attempt is made by The Clergy Family Information Center to verify bereavement notices posted prior to posting. Follow-up information, updates and addendum's are only posted at the request of the Presiding Bishop, unless bereavement notifications are about episcopal families, general officer's families, connectional (denominational) officer's families or notifications received from Episcopal Districts 14-20

Guidelines For Posting Bereavement Notifications: Click Here 

 No photos of deceased family members will be posted. A link may be placed to the mortuary web page sharing a picture or pictures of deceased loved one and Messages of Gratitude can be uploaded or placed on the AMEC-CFIC  Message Board.




Congratulatory announcements are posted on Friday, that we might share the "Joyful Moments", the "Good News” of clergy family graduations-baccalaureate and above; academic achievements-high school and above; the birth of PK’s, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of ministers; birthday celebrations, 75 years and above; weddings of ministers, PK’s, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of ministers; wedding anniversaries-25th, 30th, 35th, 40th, 45th, 50th, 55th, 60th, and above, and noteworthy achievements.


Four (4) congratulatory announcements may be posted annually, per clergy family household.  One picture per announcement is allowed.

**Congratulatory announcement submission deadline: Articles must be received in the Office of the Clergy Family Information Center "no later" than Thursday, 6:00 PM. preceding Friday.  Email to: The Office of the CFIC Administrator.



*Prayer requests received from the Bishops, Episcopal Supervisors and the General and Connectional Officers, and Judicial Council Member.  Also, Bereavements affecting the leadership of the Connectional Lay Organization and the Connectional Women's Missionary Society.

To sign-up to receive e-mail notifications from the Clergy Family Information Center; Click HERE.

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