Necrology,  March 2017   

"Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life:
he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live."

Brother Charles Spears, the husband of Sis. Angelena Spears, reporter for the Philadelphia Annual Conference, 1st Episcopal District

Brother David Ward, former Executive Director for the Connectional Lay Economic Development Corporation

Brother Harry Perdue, Sr., the son-in-law of Rev. Dr. Clementine Warren, Pastor of Sweet Hope AME Church, Ariton, Alabama

Dr. Thomas Collins, Jr., the brother of Rev. Eugene Collins, Sr., pastor of Shiloh (Charleston) AME Church, Edisto District, South Carolina 

Former  Presiding Elder James Ford, Greater Dallas District – North Texas Conference, 10th Episcopal District

Giovanni Ashley Fansensie,  Cape Conference, 15th Episcopal District emeritus YPD President, tragically killed in a motor vehicle accident

Mr. David Neely, husband of Mrs. Peggy James Lee Neely and brother in-law of Former Episcopal Supervisor, Ernestine Lee Henning

Mr. Ernest Walter Caldwell, father of Rev. Dr. Ronald Owens, pastor of St. Joseph AME Church, Durham, NC, WNC Conference, 2nd District

Mr. George Vernon Holmes, brother in law of Rev. Dr. Allonia H. Holmes, Pastor of Living Waters AME Church, Raleigh, NC, 2nd Episcopal District 

Mr. Herman O. Kelly, Sr., the father of Rev. Dr. Herman O. Kelly, Jr., the pastor of Bethel AME Church, Baton Rouge, LA, 8th Episcopal District

Russell F. Logan, husband of Mrs. Jane F. Logan, and “My Pop” of Rev. Krystal F. Bryant, Pastor of St. Paul AMEC, Abbeville-Greenwood District,

Mrs. Alma W. Tanner, wife of the late Rev. James Tanner, Sr., Local Elder, St. James, Cleveland, OH, mother of Rev. James Tanner, Jr, 3rd District

Mrs. Daisy Nelson Johnson Brown, the daughter of the late Rev. Aaron and Mrs. Mathey Nelson, Wayman AMEC, Dayton, OH, 3rd District

Mrs. Esmeralda Samuels, mother-in-law of the Reverend Enid Samuels of Jamaica, 16th Episcopal District

Mrs. Inez T. Sanchez, the wife of Presiding Elder Joseph E. Sanchez (retired) Alachua-Central District- East Conference, 11th Episcopal District

Mrs. Joy A. Ward-Drew, Mother of Rev. Clinton E. Ward III, Pastor, Wayman AME Church-Chicago, IL, 4th Episcopal District

Mrs. Luella Smith Bowers, the mother of Rev. Tan C. Moss, Pastor of Greater Grant Memorial AMEC in Jacksonville, Florida, 11th Episcopal District

Pastor Ivan Siegelaar, son of the soil and child of the 15th District; pastored at Payne Chapel, Cape Conference, 15th Episcopal District

Rev. Delores Lomack, Local Elder at Allen Chapel A.M.E. Church, Asbury Park, NJ, New Jersey Conference, 1st Episcopal District

Rev. Edna Fisher who served for many years as a Local Preacher at Haw Branch AME Church, Richlands, NC,  2nd Episcopal District

Reverend Dr. L. Anthony Gatewood, Itinerant Elder, North Ohio Conference who pastored several churches in the 3rd Episcopal District

Reverend Gena Mae Johnson, Itinerant Elder on staff at Allen AME Church, Newark, New Jersey, New Jersey Conference, 1st Episcopal District

Reverend Morris E. Griffin, a superannuated minister in the Oklahoma State Annual Conference, 12th Episcopal District.  

Sis. Valda Baadjies, the sister of Presiding Elder Jerome C. Gordon of the Cape Town District in the Cape Annual, 15th Episcopal District Conference

Sister Arilla Rutledge, the mother of Presiding Elder Johnny Rutledge (Mrs. Patricia) of the Ozark-Troy District, Southeast Alabama Conference

Sister Barbara Ann Taylor, the sister of Rev. Marian G. Eikerenkoetter, the Pastor of Trinity AMEC, Cinnaminson, New Jersey, 1st Episcopal District

Sister Ella Belle Richardson Couch, age 106, widow of the late Presiding Elder W. T. Couch and life member WMS, Tennessee Conference, 13th District

Sister Margarita Jones de Rodriguez (Isabel) of the Dominican Republic, mother of the Presiding Elder Abraham Rodriguez, 16th District

Sydnei Dawn Wilson, the daughter of AMEC Chaplain Autumn Wilson who serves at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD

The Reverend Georgia Edwards, Pastor of Saint James African Methodist Episcopal Church, Lake Butler, Florida, 11th Episcopal District

William Hadley Cash, Jr. the spouse of the Rev. Mary F. Cash, a superannuated minister in the Arkansas Annual Conference, 12th Episcopal District