December 2018

2 Corinthians 5:1  "For we know that if the earthly tent we live in is destroyed,

We have a building from God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens"


(Listed in sequential order)

Mrs. Debra Rita Gosphery Gordon, the wife of The Reverend Dr. Otis J. Gordon, Jr., Itinerant Elder and Pastor of Warren AME Church in Toledo, Ohio, Third episcopal District

Reverend Dr. D. Albert Turkan Itinerant Elder of First Episcopal District; the Pastor of Emanuel Mt. Pisgah Turner Memorial A.M.E Church, New York Annual Conference, and Director of The Rev. Dr. D. Albert Turk, Ministry of Evangelism

Sis. Constance Chandler, the widow of the late Reverend Everette M. Chandler who served as pastor to Allen Chapel A.M.E. Church, New England Conference, First Episcopal District and she was a Life Member of the Women’s Missionary Society

Helen Mae Mullen, the aunt of the Reverend Anna Mosby, pastor of St. Jude AME Church, Germantown, MD, Washington Conference, Second Episcopal District

Mrs. Lucy Yorp, widow of the late Rev. E.P. Yorp, member Flipper Temple A.M.E. Church, Sixth Episcopal District

Sister Janee’ Montgomery, the sister of Mrs. Patricia Nira Smith, President of the First District Women’s Missionary Society

Sis. Doris C. Lockhart, grandmother of the Reverend Stephanie Graham Atkins, Pastor of Mt. Zoar AME Church, Conowingo, MD, Baltimore Conference, Second Episcopal District

Mary Louise Isley, (75), sister of the Reverend Howard Johnson, pastor in the Northern District, North Carolina Conference of the Second Episcopal District

Reverend Mildred Loretta Hardy, Ret., West Alabama Annual Conference, Ninth Episcopal District

Mr. Herbert Murray, father of the Reverend Sharon Ogilvie. pastor of Wayman Chapel AME Church, Columbia, TN, South Nashville District-Tennessee Conference, Thirteenth Episcopal District

Sis. Cheryl Ferguson, the wife of Bro. Bobby Ferguson and the mother of Bro. Jason Ferguson, Atlanta-North Georgia Conference Lay President and Sis. Janita Ferguson, Sixth Episcopal District WMS Member- At-Large

The Reverend Lishers Mahone, Jr, (husband of Betty) Pastor Emeritus of Brown Chapel AME Church, Joliet, IL. Rev. Mahone was superannuated after a lengthy career of meritorious and dedicated Christian service in the Fourth Episcopal District

The Reverend Albert E Baisako of the Fifteenth Episcopal District who had served as pastor of historic cornerstone BGK Ebenezer AME Church in the capital city of Windhoek and as the Namibia Annual Conference Secretary

The Reverend Markita Primm, pastor, Campbell-Bryant AME Church in Detroit, Michigan, South District, Michigan Conference, Fourth Episcopal District

The Rev. Gershom Kabaso (Rtd) of the South East Zambia Conference in the Lusaka West District, Seventeenth Episcopal District

Bishop Eddie Curry, the father of Reverend Eduardo Curry, Esquire, member of the African Methodist Episcopal Church Judicial Council and Pastor of Chavis (Hemingway) AME Church, Georgetown District, Palmetto Annual Conference of the Seventh Episcopal District