Necrology,     November 2017          


"Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life:

he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live."


John O’Neal, 74, the brother of the Rev. Katherine O’Neal a local deacon on staff at Bethel AME Church, Selma NC, North Carolina Conference, 2nd Episcopal District

The Reverend Paul D. Bauknight, Sr., retired Itinerant Elder, husband of Mrs. Lois P. Bauknight and father of Reverend Terrilisa Durham Bauknight, pastor of Mt. Pisgah-Washington, Newark District. 

Mr. Robert Lemuel Watkin, the son of the Rev. Annie R. Brooks, Retired Pastor; brother of the Rev. Vincent C. Watkins and uncle of Minister Dennis Gary of the North District of the Chicago Annual Conference

Mr. Harland Alexander, the brother the Reverend Dr. Floyd W. Alexander, Sr., Administrative Assistant to Senior Bishop McKinley Young and a Former General Officer

Presiding Elder Emeritus Dorothy Morris, 105., the first female Presiding Elder of the AME Church, served in Guyana and prior to this, she served as pastor of several churches in Guyana

The Reverend Mary Edith Moody, a retired Itinerant Elder, in the Eighth Episcopal District. Rev. Moody was the first president of Women In Ministry (WIM) in the Eighth Episcopal District

Mr. Allen L. Williams, brother of Rev. Edna Dingle-Stokes, Pastor of St. Peter (Bonneau) AME Church, Kingstree District, Palmetto Annual Conference of the Seventh Episcopal District

Mr. Derrick L. Gentry, the brother of Reverend Dr. Clarence Luckey, pastor of Bethel A.M.E. Church in Warren, Arkansas, Twelfth Episcopal District

Mrs. Mary Frances McCoy Office, the beloved sister of Rev. Forrest Dickey, Pastor of Stone Springfield African Methodist Church in Stapleton, Georgia, Sixth Episcopal District

Mrs. Rena Dixon Poole, the mother of The Reverend Thomas H. Poole, Jr., pastor of Grace AME Church, The Villages, FL, 11th Episcopal District

Dr. Odessa V. Hardison McNair, former Lay leader in the Fifth and Sixth Episcopal Districts

The Reverend Paul S. Owings, Sr., former pastor in the New York Annual Conference and Chair of the New York Department of Christian Education, 1st Episcopal District

Sister Joyce Thomas the sister of Brother Troy Thomas and the sister in law of the Reverend Eileen Thomas, Pastor of Gomez Temple AME Church, Fort Wayne, Indiana, 4th Episcopal District

Mrs. Dorothy Mozelle Hill, the mother of Dr. Kenneth H. Hill, Retired General Officer, Pastor -Shorter Chapel A.M.E. Church, Franklin, TN

Mr. Willie Jones, the brother of Presiding Elder Mary V. (Mr. Edward) Williams, leaders of the North Little Rock-Ft. Smith District, Arkansas Annual Conference, 12th Episcopal District

The Reverend Dr. Salatheia V. Bryant-Honors, the former pastor of several churches in the Texas Annual Conference and the Chairperson of the Texas Board of Examiners, 10th Episcopal District

Mrs.  Gayle Valeria Ford, mother of Sister Ida Davis & mother-in-law to Rev. Jonathan Davis, pastor of St. Mark A.M.E. Church, Oxon Hill, MD, Washington Conference, 2nd Episcopal District

Sister Patricia A. Owens, the beloved wife of Reverend Garland Owens, Associate Pastor of St Paul AME Church (DC), Washington Conference, 2nd Episcopal District

Mrs. Dorothy Dixon, sister of Mrs. Brenda Booth and sister-in-law to Reverend James Booth, pastor of Shady Grove A.M.E. Church in Elba, Alabama, 9th Episcopal District

The Reverend Daniel Franklin, who retired from the active ministry during the 207 sessions of the East Arkansas Annual Conference,12th Episcopal District

Mr. Willie Damone Johnson, II, son of Reverend W. Damone, Johnson, Sr., Pastor of Greater St. Paul AME Church, Orlando, FL, 11th Episcopal District

The Reverend Deborah Jean Watt, Pastor, who served as the Pittsburgh-West Virginia Annual Conference Assistant Secretary, Co-Chairperson for the Third District Evangelism Commission

Presiding Elder Etta Sherman, the first female presiding elder of the 14th Episcopal District; member of the Central Liberia Annual Conference, 14th Episcopal District

Sister Betty Mills, the mother of the Reverend Tony Mills, Pastor of Mt. Olive A.M.E. Church Wilmington, NC, North Carolina Conference, 2nd Episcopal District

Mr. John L. Sands Sr., father of the Reverend Timothy Sands, pastor of Saint Peter AMEC, Camilla, GA, 6th Episcopal District

Sis. Annie P. Wilderthe beloved Wife of Bro. Wilbur Wilder, and the Sister in Law of Presiding Elder J. Bernard Wilder, Eastern District of the Western North Carolina Conference, 2nd Episcopal District