Necrology,   June 2017 

"Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life:

he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live."

(Listed in sequential order)

Mr. William Curtis Jenkins husband of Myrtis Jenkins, Treasurer, 4th District Lay Organization and Board Member of the Connectional Lay Organization Economic Development Corporation

Mrs. Gayle Yvonne Baker, daughter of the Reverend Bobby Green (Pastor, Flipper Chapel AME Church, Sapulpa, OK) and Sis. Doris Green

The Reverend Elizabeth Lenoir, retired minister in the East Arkansas Annual Conference of the 12th Episcopal District and a member of Gates Chapel A.M.E. Church, Crossett, AR

Mrs. Joyce Crawford, sister of Evangelist Jacqui Green and sister-in-law of Rev. Ronald L. Green Sr., pastor of Hickman Temple AME Church, (South District, Philadelphia Annual Conference) 

Mr. Donald Burems III, grandson of the Rev. Donald (Linda) Burems Sr., pastor of St. John AME Church, (South District, Philadelphia Annual Conference)

Mr. Bexton Offord Carmichael, son of Rev. A.O. and Mrs. Janice Trice Carmichael, pastor and 1st lady of Clover Garden A.M.E. Church, Burlington, NC

Mrs. Isabella K. Marete, mother of Susan N. Marimi, mother-in-law of the Rev. Dr. Wilson M. Marimi, pastor of Mt. Moriah in Maple Hts., OH, and grandmother of Johanan and Daniel Arimi

The Rev. Lillian Streeter, member of Bethel AME Church, Baltimore, MD and a member and leader of Freedom Now Ministries and Street Evangelizing Team

Mrs. Caroline McClenic Weems Evins, mother of the Reverend Patricia White-Monday. Local Elder, St. Paul, Akron, OH

Mrs. Katharine M. Dockens, descendant of the African Methodist Episcopal Church Founder, Bishop Richard Allen

Sister Nancy Randolph, wife of Reverend David L. Randolph, retired Itinerant Elder, First Episcopal District, Philadelphia Annual Conference

Rev. Dr. Earl R. Jefferson, retired Itinerant Elder, 1st Episcopal District, Philadelphia Annual Conference and former Administrative Assistant and Director of Christian Education, 1st Episcopal District

Rev. Dr. W. A. Butts, PH.D., retired pastor who served in the 9th Episcopal District and the 8th Episcopal District; who also served as President of Kentucky State University

Mr. Stanley F. Diggs of Mayerville, MS, brother of Dr. Shirley Hopkins-Davis, former President of the Connectional Women's Missionary Society of the A.M.E. Church

Mrs. Izola Fedford Collins, a brilliant musician, conductor, composer, teacher and historian, grandmother of the Reverend Dr. Shakira Sanchez-Collins, East Conference, 11th Episcopal District

Brother Marvin Earl Freeman, Jr., son of Rev. Dr. Patricia L. Freeman and Bro. Marvin E. Freeman, Sr. of the North Carolina, 2nd Episcopal District Conference

Brother Douglas M. Ritchie, spouse of Rev. Charlotte Richie of the Washington Conference, 2nd Episcopal District

Aleasha Deann Harris, sister of the Reverend Samuel A. Harris, Jr., Pastor of Bethel AMEC in Oxford, Ohio, 3rd Episcopal District

Patricia 'Pat' Shipman Smith, sister of Mrs. J. Faye Hinton and sister-in-law of the Rev. Larry S. Hinton, Presiding Elder, Northern District-North Carolina Conference

Mr. Leo Arthur Coulter, father of the Reverend Arthur L. Coulter, Pastor of Unity AME Church, Magnolia, AR & Bethel AME Church, Mineral Springs, AR, West Arkansas Annual Conference

Mrs. Carrie B. Neal, mother of Cynthia L. Neal, Office Manager of the 7th Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church

Cedalia Webster, mother of the Reverend Dwight Smith, pastor at Central Chapel, Yellow Springs, Ohio, Third Episcopal District

Presiding Elder (retired) Eugene Brannon, 12th Episcopal District, husband of Mrs. Anita M. Elliott Brannon, 1st Vice President of CONN-M-SWAWO+PKs

Mrs. Cynthia Furlow, the sister of Consultant Evelyn Moseley and sister-in-law of Presiding Elder Eugene Moseley, Jr, of the South District in the East Conference, 11th District

Mrs. Izola Fedford Collins, grandmother of the Rev. Dr. Shakira Sanchez-Collins, East Conference, 11th Episcopal District

Mr. Wendell Lee Harewood, Jr., the son of retired Dayton District Presiding Elder, Rev. Wendell L. Harewood, Sr. and Mrs. Freda Harewood

Sidonè Lynette Wicker, sister of Bishop Stafford J. N. Wicker, Presiding Prelate, Eighteenth District, sister-in-law of the Rev. Connie Wicker, Episcopal Supervisor, 18th Episcopal District

Mrs. Louise Chilliest, mother of Sister Sandra Bowers, Consultant, Little Rock/Jonesboro District and mother-in-law of Presiding Elder Bill A. Bowers, Little Rock/Jonesboro District

Former Connectional Officer Dr. Jimmie James, Jr., 78, the first Connectional Director of Music of the African Methodist Episcopal Church

Ms. Verita Keesee-Smith, daughter of Mrs. Betty Keesee of Martin Chapel AMEC, Charksville, TN and niece of Presiding Elder Emeritus Robert E. Keesee, Tennessee Conference, 13th Episcopal District