Necrology,      February 2019 


"Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life:

he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live."

(Listed in sequential order)

Mr. John Emerson, father of Mrs. Jackie Weary (Rev. Willie Weary, pastor of Peters Chapel, Muskogee, OK) and grandfather of Johnathan Weary, the Nominating Committee Chair for the Connectional YPD

Mrs. Gracie K. Young, the mother of the Reverend Birdie Parker and the mother-in-law of the Reverend Joseph Parker, Pastor of Turner Chapel AME Church in Greenwood, Mississippi, Eighth Episcopal District  

Mrs. Elizabeth Fletcher Frazier, the mother of the Reverend Artis Fletcher (Dr. Sharon Fletcher), pastor of the Mt. Holly Circuit, West Arkansas Annual Conference, Twelfth Episcopal District

Rev. Scottie Swinney, pastor of St. Philip AME Church, Savannah, GA, Sixth Episcopal District

Mr. Bernard Monteiro. proud grandfather of Rev. Dr. Lanel D. Guyton, Presiding Elder of the Brooklyn/West Chester District, NY Annual Conference and Rev. M. Lloyd (Malcolm) Guyton, pastor of St. Paul AME Church, Philadelphia Annual Conference, First Episcopal District

Mrs. Mozelle Williams Myers, the spouse of Retired Presiding Elder Samuel L. Myers, Seventh Episcopal District

Mrs. Annie M. Huckaby, the mother of Dr. Roberta Hill, wife of General Officer Retired, Dr. Kenneth Hill

Mrs. Marlene Wilson, paternal grandmother of the Reverend Jermaine L Wilson, pastor of Saint John AME Church in Frankfort, Kentucky, and spouse, the Reverend Duwanna K. Wilson, Thirteeth Episcopal District

Mrs. Patricia "Pat" Nettles-Allen, the sister of Rev. Gregory C. Nettles, pastor of Bethel, Camden and 12th Episcopal District Sons of Allen Coordinator, and sister-in-law to Gladys F. Nettles, WAC MSWAWO+Pk’s president

Mrs. Mineola Gardner Moss, the mother of the Rev. Fred Moss, pastor of Payne Chapel A.M.E. Church, Sherman Texas and mother-in-law of Lady Monica Moss of the North Texas Conference, Tenth Episcopal District

Mr. Oscar M. Smith, father of Dr. Jan Clayton, father-in-law of Rev. Kevin Clayton, Sr., Pastor of Greater St. John AME, Tulsa, OK, Twelfth Episcopal District

Mr. Gordon Ruffin, son of The Reverend Cheryl Ruffin, Pastor of St. Paul AME Church, Pittsburgh, PA, Third Episcopal District

Sister Eva Lowery, past president and Life Member of the Augusta Georgia Conference WMS, sister of Ms. Jeanette Turner, the Augusta Conference WMS and aunt of Rev. Timothy Lewis, pastor of Brown’s Chapel AME Church, Homerville, GA, Sixth Episcopal District

Mr. David F. Richards Jr., father of Rev. David Richards III, pastor of New Hope AME Church, Atlanta, GA, Sixth Episcopal District

The Reverend Gary Michael Hearst, I, Retired Itinerant Elder, Third Episcopal District

Mrs. Minerva Olivia Green, faithful member of Mt. Olive AME Church-Orlando, sister of Bishop Samuel L. Green, Sr; sister-in-law of Supervisor Phyllis Green; mother of Rev.  Marcus R. Green; sibling to Ret. Master Sergert Paul Green and the Reverend Drs. Henry, John and David Green and a beloved grandmother

Mrs. Rose M. Woody, age 82, the aunt of Rev. Troy I. Thomas and in-law to Rev. Dr. Maxine L. Thomas, Pastor and Assistant Pastor of Quinn Chapel AME Church in Louisville, KY, Thirteenth Episcopal District

Mr. Eugene Davis, Jr., brother of Supervisor Christy Davis Jackson and brother in law of Bishop Reginald T. Jackson, Presiding Prelate, Sixth Episcopal District, President Council of Bishops

Presiding Elder Gregory L. Edmond, Presiding Elder of the Northern District of the North Carolina Conference, Second Episcopal District and a member of the General Board of the African Methodist Episcopal Church

Mother Earnestine Paskel Broughton, the mother of Presiding Elder Kent J. Broughton of the Camden - El Dorado District, West Arkansas Annual Conference, Twelfth Episcopal District

Mrs. Lee Dora Wilkes Berry, the mother of the Reverend Sherman Berry, Pastor of Union Chapel AME Church in Kentwood, Louisiana and the mother-in-law of the Reverend Velma Berry., Eighth Episcopal District

Presiding Elder Emeritus Edward C. Wilson, Baltimore Conference, Second Episcopal District

Mrs. Alhelmina Cole LaMondue, mother of the Rev. John E. Cager III, Pastor of Ward AME Church, Los Angeles, CA, mother-in-love of Mrs. Kinette K. Cager, Connectional Conn-M-Swawo+PK's Financial Secretary, Fifth Episcopal District

Sister Cynthia A. Wiggins, sister of Reverend Lasagne Smith, Pastor of Greater Saint Paul AME Church in Scottsboro, Al and Matthews Chapel in Stevenson, Al, and sister-in-law of Reverend Jerry W. Smith, Pastor of Bailey Springs AME Church in Florence, Al, Ninth Episcopal District

Mrs. Deborah A. Avie, sister of Rev. Robert Green, pastor of Jones AME Praise & Worship Center, Houston, TX in the Texas Annual Conference, Tenth Episcopal District

Mrs. Lettie Mae Ferguson, the mother of Rev. Arthur Ferguson, pastor of St. Paul A.M.E. Church, West Columbia TX in the Texas Annual Conference, Tenth Episcopal District

Brother Clifton L. Washington II, the spouse of Mrs. Eddie Mae Williams Washington, daughter of the late Presiding Elder E. D. Williams and Mrs. Nettie Gray Williams, Eighth Episcopal District

Mrs. Barbara "BJ" H. Wells,  former First Lady of Flipper Temple African Methodist Episcopal Church, Atlanta, GA, Sixth Episcopal District

Mrs. Barbara Mosby, the Mother of Dr. Nita Mosby Tyler and the Mother-In-Love of the Reverend Dr. Timothy E. Tyler, Pastor of Shorter Community African Methodist Episcopal Church in Denver, Colorado, son of Bishop Carolyn Tyler Guidry, Retired

Mr. James L. Williams, former Connectional and Eleventh Episcopal District Lay Organization President, recognized as President Emeritus at both the Connectional and Episcopal levels of the African Methodist Episcopal Church Lay Organization

Mr. Keith A. London, the brother of the Reverend Wanda London, Pastor of Payne Memoria AME Church, Jessup, Maryland, Second Episcopal District

Rev. Victoria G. Wlue, of the Eliza Turner Memorial AME Church in Monrovia, Liberia, Fourteenth Episcopal District 

Rev. Tarkolo A. Miller, Pastor of the Mt. Ashton AME Church, Camp Palmas District, Liberia Annual Conference, Fourteenth Episcopal District

Rev. Frank Satchel, a retired pastor in the Eleventh Episcopal District

Glenn W. West, the husband of Licentiate Deia N. West and the Son-in-Law of Rev. Dr. Cecelia A. Williams, Supply Pastor of Greater Bethel A.M.E Church in the Third Episcopal District