Necrology,   August 2019 

          "For we know that if the earthly tent we live in is destroyed,

we have a building from God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens."


 (Listed in sequential order)

Sis. Gwendolyn Massey Jones-Gordon, the sister of the Rev. Frank Massey, Pastor of St. Paul AME Church, Winter Garden, Florida, Eleventh Episcopal District

Mrs. Cornelia A. Miller, the mother of Rev. Jacqueline G. Capers, Pastor of Disney-Nichols AMEC, Philadelphia Conference and sister-in-law of Rev. Yvonne Perry of Greater Mount Olive, Philadelphia and aunt of Rev. Vanessa Perry and Bro. Robert Perry, New Jersey Conference, First Episcopal District

Sis. Joyce Williams, mother of Rev. Portia Williams Duncan, Pastor of St. Peter Memorial AME Church, Arlington, Texas in the Northwest Texas Conference, Tenth Episcopal District

Sis. Brenda Muse Fisher, the sister of Presiding Elder Mittie C. Muse, Sr., Presiding Elder of the Tyler District in the North Texas Conference, Tenth Episcopal District

Mrs. Doris Thomas Hill, the sister of Reverend Anthony L. Thomas, Pastor of St. Phillip AME Church, Nashville, Tennessee, Thirteenth Episcopal District

Reverend James C Stewart, Jr., retired Pastor of the Philadelphia Annual Conference, First Episcopal District; pastorage included: Bethel AME Church, Marietta PA, St. Paul AME Church, Oberlin, PA, and Bethel AME Church, Greencastle, PA of the Harrisburg District

Sister Roberta Jewel Jones the sister of Rev. Paul Sherrell, Pastor of Trotter Chapel AME Church, Prospect, Tennessee of the Thirteenth Episcopal District, and she was a member of Trotter Chapel AME Church

Deacon Lue Wilbert Seats, father of Connectional Officer Ora L. Seats Easley, International Administrator, Clergy Family Information Center, African Methodist Episcopal Church, and father-in-law of the Reverend Dr. William W. Easley, Jr,  Presiding Elder, Louisville District, Kentucky Conference

Dr. McDonald Williams, a lifelong educator with over forty-five years of experience teaching English at the university level and husband of Dr. Jayme Coleman Williams, First Female General Officer, African Methodist Episcopal Church and the grandfather of Attorney Douglass P. Selby, AME Church General Counsel

Bro. Tracy Dwayne Fields, the brother of Rev. Jack D. Fields, Sr. Pastor of Visitors Chapel A.M.E. Church, El Paso, Texas in the Northwest Texas Conference, Tenth Episcopal District

Sister Vermell Jones Richardson, the mother of Reverend Cynthia Jones-McDaniel, Montgomery Selma District, Alabama River Region Conference 

Reverend Clive Pillay, pastor in the Cape Conference, Fifteenth Episcopal District, former bereavement reporter to the AME-Clergy Family Information Center and was the Credentialed Field Reporter for the 21st Editor, AME Church Christian Recorder

Mr. Clifton Brown, father of the Reverend Lanette Frazier, pastor of St. Peters AME Church, McGhee, Arkansas., Twelfth Episcopal District

Mr. Floyd Harris, the brother of Reverend Horace Charles and brother-in-law of Sister Jo Charles, Twelfth Episcopal District and a long-time member of Bethel A.M.E. Church, Ann Arbor, MI

Mr. William Sparrow, the brother of Rev. Clifton Sparrow, Pastor of Ebenezer A.M.E. Church, Baltimore, MD, Baltimore Conference, Second Episcopal District

Brother Sterling Jennings, the brother of Mrs. Mildred Wright, the First Lady of Grace AME Church, Catonsville, MD and Mrs. Maltonia Purviance, an outstanding member of Trinity AME Church - Baltimore, MD, Second Episcopal District

Reverend Wanda Ryan, Superannuated Clergy in the Bluegrass District, Kentucky Conference, Thirteenth Episcopal District

Mother Bontle Dephney Thipe, wife of the Reverend Thipe in the West Annual Conference, Nineteenth Episcopal District

Mrs. Loretta Silas Redding, the mother of Mrs. Maria Pearson Cole, wife of Reverend Victor Cole, pastor of Mount Zion AME Church, Jacksonville, FL, Eleventh Episcopal District

Lt. Jerry L. Andrews, Sr., the son of Mrs. Doris Reynolds, former Sixth Episcopal District President of M-SWAWO, Plus P.K.s and the widow of Rev. J.C. Reynolds, Atlanta North Georgia Annual Conference, Sixth Episcopal District Pastor

Rev. Annie M. Couch, age 92, a Life Member of the Women’s Missionary Society and a Local Elder at Ebenezer AME Church, Nashville, Tennessee, Thirteenth Episcopal District

Reverend Wanda Ryan, Superannuated Clergy in the Bluegrass District, Lexington Annual Conference, Thirteenth Episcopal District; last two pastorates, Saint Andrew AME Church in Winchester, KY and Davis Chapel AME Church in Somerset, KY

Deaconess Mildred Hubbard, the mother of Ms. Marundo Hubbard, the Eighth Episcopal District YPD Director and Mr. DeAudre Hubbard

GSGT Ernest T. Fields, Jr., the brother of Mrs. Claudia Anderson, First Lady of Greater Bethel A.M.E. Church and 1st Vice President of the 9th Episcopal District M-SWAWO+PK’s

Zoeii Ada Wright, the granddaughter of Reverends Jerry W. Smith and Lasagne Smith, Pastors in the Northwest Alabama Conference, Ninth Episcopal District

Mrs. Naomi Francis, the wife of the late Presiding Elder Reverend Curtis H. Francis, former Presiding Elder of the Camden-Trenton District, First Episcopal District


On behalf of Social Action Commission Chair, Bishop Frank Madison Reid, III; Director/Consultant Social Action Commission, Mrs. Jacquelyn DuPont-Walker;  we extend profound sympathy to all bereaved families. "We wish you the peace that comes from knowing God Is There and pray that He will keep you in His Promised, Gentle care."