April 2019

2 Corinthians 5:1 For we know that if the earthly tent we live in is destroyed,

we have a building from God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens
 (Listed in sequential order)

Mrs. Daisy Marks McDonald, widow of Presiding Elder Eddie McDonald, Twelfth Episcopal District

The Rev. Dr. Eyvonne Hudson Whitman, Presiding Elder of the Augusta South District in the Augusta Georgia Conference, Sixth Episcopal District

The Reverend Gerry Moore, Thirteenth Episcopal District Church native, former pastor of Bethel AME Church, Muncie, Indiana, Fourth Episcopal District, having served in the Chicago, Michigan and Indiana Conferences and remembered as one of the best Marshals in African Methodism

The Reverend Edward Brown, Chief Marshall for the Bishop and pastor of Trinity AME Church, West Point, Mississippi, Eighth Episcopal District

The Reverend Jettie Williams, local elder, Ashdown Circuit, Twelfth Episcopal District

Reverend Mandla Nkambule, Pastor of Dr MD Phetlhu A.M.E Church in Ilanga District of the East Conference, Nineteenth Episcopal District

Brother Charlie Brown, the Father of Bro. Vincent Brown, and father in law of Rev. LaFiesta Brown, Pastor of St. Lawrence AME Church, Eatonville, Florida, Eleventh Episcopal District

Mrs. Joyce Day is the sister of the late Dr. Joseph Lee Joiner, (Secretary-Treasurer, Pension Department), Retired General Officer, African Methodist Episcopal Church

The Reverend Thokozile H Mpetsheni, Pastor of St Matthews  A.M.E Church in Bizana District Natal Conference, Nineteenth Episcopal District

Lawrence Dunbar Alexander, brother of The Reverend Dr. Floyd W. Alexander, Sr., staff member/administrative asst. for the Third District Headquarters, former General Officer of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, Presiding Elder and Pastor in the Third District

Mrs. Rose Gallon Proctor, wife of Presiding Elder James Melvin Proctor (Ret.), former pastor of several churches in the Eleventh Episcopal District; pastor of St. Paul AME Church Jacksonville, FL for 18 years, followed by appointment as Presiding Elder of the North District-East Annual Conference

The Reverend Walter D. Moon, Retired Pastor, Sixth Episcopal District

Mr. Charles E. Harris, oldest member of Olive Light AME Church and father of Licentiate Charlene Harris of Smackover, AR, Twelfth Episcopal District

Mr. Albert D. Ray, Jr, the brother of the Reverend Robert A. Ray, pastor of Wayman AME Church, Frederick, Maryland, Second Episcopal District

Ms. Patricia Moye, the niece of Rev. Mary Newton of the Washington Conference, Second Episcopal District

The Right Reverend Frederick Hilborn Talbot, Ninetieth Elected and Consecrated Bishop, African Methodist Episcopal Church, spouse of Dr. Sylvia Ross Talbot, Episcopal Supervisor Retired

Sister Sandra Jenkins, the mother of Rev. Erica Bennett, Associate Minister, LaPlata AME Church, Washington Conference, Second Episcopal District

Sister Sharone A. Lee, the sister of Reverend Darryl Lee, Pastor of Mt. Nebo (Hollywood) AME Church, Edisto District, South Carolina Annual Conference of the Seventh Episcopal District

Sister Massilee Anderson, the sister of Reverend Warren David Anderson, Pastor of Greater Bethel AME Church, Brundidge, Alabama and sister-in-law of Mrs. Claudia Anderson, 1st Vice President of the M-SWAWO+PK’s, Ninth Episcopal District

Mrs. Annie Lee Magee, the mother of Reverend Mary M. Lucas and mother-in-law of the Reverend Larry Lucas, Sr., Pastor and First Lady of Leonard Chapel AME Church, Independence, Louisiana, Eighth Episcopal District

Mrs. Billye Joyce Wright, the wife of Retired Presiding Elder E. L. Wright, II. of the Greater Dallas District of the North Texas Conference, Tenth Episcopal District

Mrs. Georgia M. Raglin (93 years of age), mother of Mr. Mark Raglin, spouse of the Reverend Stephanie M. Raglin, pastor of Embry Chapel A.M.E. Church, Elizabethtown, KY, Thirteenth Episcopal District

The Reverend Kenneth Wayne Kelley, Itinerant Elder and former pastor in the Third Episcopal District, the husband of The Reverend Stephanie Ransom Kelley, former pastor in the Third District and also the great granddaughter of Bishop Reveredy C. Ransom