Necrology,  January - February  2017  

"Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life:
he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live."


Mrs. Acquanetta Anderson, the wife of  Reverend Dr. Bobbie Anderson, retired pastor in the 12th Episcopal District.


Mr.Charles Hargett, Jr., father of Rev. Kimberly Young/ Rev. Kenneth Young, Pastor of Adams Inspirational AMEC, Washington Conference


Kathleen Davis Folsom, Grandmother of Rev. Gerald Folsom, Pastor of Wayman Memorial AME Church, Washington Conference, 5th District


Mr. Rudolph Dillon, Sr., father of Mrs. Theresa Abernathy, Missouri Conference M-SWAWO president, 5th Episcopal District


Reverend Mariam Theresa Johnson Mitchell, a retired Itinerant Elder in the Eighth Episcopal District 


Reverend Donald H. Jordan, Sr., Retired Itinerant Elder in the Ohio -South Ohio Conference, 3rd Episcopal District


Mr. Christopher Navaree, the grandson of Mrs. Lurena Muse and the late Presiding Elder Columbus Muse, Sr., 8th Episcopal District


Mr. Jimmy Leon Leak, the brother of the Rev. Vernard R. Leak, Presiding Elder of the New Brunswick District, New Jersey Conference, 1st


Rev. Rufus Gaymon, retired 7th Episcopal District pastor, last assignment before his retirement, Brown AMEC Chapel Orangeburg, SC


Rev. Courtney Canty father of Rev. Charisma Canty, sister of Rev. Dr. Edna Jenkins, Pastor in the-Washington Conference, 2nd District


Reverend Edward Clarence Taylor, a retired pastor in the North Mississippi Annual Conference,Eighth Episcopal District


Mrs. Martha Ann Meeks, the mother of Rev. Margarette Meeks, pastor of Disney Chapel AMEC, Greenville, Mississippi, 8th District  


Rev. Harold H. Cavaness, husband of Tanya D. Cavaness, father of Rev. Carolyn C. Cavaness, pastor of Bethel A.M.E. Church Ardmore, PA


Rev. Antonio Bonner, the husband of the late Mrs. Willean Bonner, CONN-M-SWAWO former officer and a ret. Itinerant Elder in the 7th District


Rev. John Randolph, Jr., Retired Presiding Elder in the 7th Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church


Mrs. Hattie Bell Lloyd, the mother of Rev. Dr. Larry E. Dixon, Presiding Elder of the Atlantic City District, New Jersey Conference, 1st District 


Sis. Marjorie Campbell, the sister of Bonnie Crummy/sister-in-law of Rev. Richard Crummy, pastor of Greater St. James AMEC Lake City, SC


Mrs. Louise Wells, the Sister of Rev. Howard L. Grant, Presiding Elder of the Newark District, New Jersey Annual Conference, 1st District


Ms. Lillian Levon, matriarch of the family of Rev. Dr. Samuel (Rev. Althea) Hayward, III, pastor of Hemingway Memorial, District Heights, MD


Bro. Aaron B. Martin, husband of Rev. Lois Martin, Local Deacon serving at Hemingway Memorial AMEC, District Heights, MD, 2nd District


Mrs. Nettie Louise Miller, mother of Rev. Roberta Smith, pastor of Henderson Chapel AME Church, Wellsburg, West Virginia, 3rd District


Mr. Frank M. Reed, son of the late Rev. Elisha and Jessica Reed, Jr., former pastor of Shaffer Chapel, Bloomingdale, Ohio, 3rd District


Dr. Alexinia Young Baldwin, the mother of Rev. Carlita Cotton pastor of St. James AMEC of the New England Conference, 1st District


Former Connectional AME/WIM President (1988-1996), The Rev. Lillian Frier Webb


Miss Sylvia J. Norris, the sister of Bishop Richard F. Norris, Retired Bishop, African Methodist Episcopal Church


Brother Wesley Kind, who served as the Chef of the Seventh Episcopal District


Mrs. Marian Carey, the wife of Rev. James Carey, retired pastor, Washington Conference, 2nd District


Mrs. Cecelia H. Streeter Lee, the widow of the late Rev. John W. Lee, a former pastor in the 1st District who relocated to the 13th District


Mr. Rodney E. DeLoatche Phelps, brother of Rev. Jeanette F. DeLoatche Phelps, Pastor of Ebenezer AME Church, Roanoke, VA, 2nd District 


Mr. Lawrence E. Sharp, nephew of Rev. Jeanette F. DeLoatche Phelps, Pastor of Ebenezer AME Church, Roanoke, VA, 2nd District 


Sis. Juanita Anderson Coffey, the mother of Rev. Kenneth Coffey, pastor of Saint Andrew AMEC, Winchester, KY, 13th District


Rev. Pedro Felipe Castro, 84 years old, was a retired Itinerant Elder of the Dominican Annual Conference, 16th Episcopal District


Ralph Hughes, brother of (Ret.) Supervisor, Lola Cheltenham, who served with Bishop Carolyn Tyler-Guidry in the 8th District 

Mr. Fred Staples Jr., 94 years, Father-in-law of the Rev. Sharon E. Staples, Pastor, St. Paul AME Church, Chicago Conference, 4th District

Rev. Charles D. Smith, Pastor of Brown Memorial AME Church, Washington Conference-Potomac District, 2nd Episcopal District

Sister Juanita Anderson Coffey, the mother of Rev. Kenneth Coffey, pastor of Saint Andrew A.M.E. Church in Winchester, KY, 13th District

Rev. Eddie C. Burks, retired pastor, Southeast Alabama Conference, 9th Episcopal District, serving as a supply pastor last few years

Mrs. Jennie M. Allen (McGeachy), mother-in-law of the Rev. Michael (Merchel) Menefield, pastor of St. Pau AME Church, Urbana, OH, 3rd

Reverend Reginald F. Mitchell, the Pastor of Allen AME Church, Providence, RI, New England Conference, 1st Episcopal District

Mrs. Jacqueline Eves, the sister of the Rev. Vera V. Worthy/Rev. Richard H. Worthy, Presiding Elder, Wilmington Delaware, 2nd

Crystal Yvette Griffin, niece of former Episcopal Supervisor, Mother Barbara J. Chappelle, widow of the late Bishop Richard Allen Chappelle

Mrs. Rosa Lee King, mother of Mr. Charles King, mother-in-law of Rev. Joan King, Pastor of St. Luke AME Church, Ellicott City, MD, 2nd 

Mr. Rodney E. DeLoatche Phelps, the brother of Rev. Jeanette F. DeLoatche Phelps, Pastor of Ebenezer AME Church, Portsmouth, VA, 2nd

Mrs. Elna Rainwater Baker, the wife of the Reverend Samuel Baker, an itinerant Elder, 10th Episcopal District AME Church

Ms. Mozelle Belcher, the mother of Reverend Douglas Belcher, Pastor of Springfield AME Church, McCormick, SC, 7th Episcopal District

Edward Phillipis Arendse, father of Rev. Lauan C. Berends, pastor of St. John Kensington AMEC, Cape Town District-Cape Conference, 15th

Retired Pastor, the Reverend William L. Smith of the North Memphis District-West Tennessee Conference, 13th Episcopal District

Sis. Virginia Taylor, the wife of Rev. Timothy Taylor, Pastor of Mt. Zion AME Church, Elloree, SC, Wateree District, Central Conference, 7th

Brother Ernest Dryden, a minister in the Cape Conference of the Fifteenth Episcopal District

Mrs. Marie Wiggins Capers, grandmother of Rev. Natalie Mitchem, Executive Director of the Health Commission of the AME Church

The Reverend James William Webb, II, pastor of Bethel AME Church in Quitman, Georgia, 6th Episcopal District

Mrs. Anniebell Clarke, the mother of The Reverend Bernard Clarke, Pastor - St. Philip AME Church, Savannah, Georgia, 6th Episcopal District

The Rev. Charlie Tatmon, Jr. a former Presiding Elder of the South Atlanta District, 6th Episcopal District

Myrna L. Wallace, the sister of Dr. Maxine Thomas, 1st Lady and Assistant Pastor, Quinn Chapel AMEC, Louisville, KY, 13th Episcopal District 

Rev. Elsie Phillips-Copes, the sister of the Rev. Paul Phillips, Pastor of Allen Chapel AME Church, Skipperville, Al, 9th Episcopal District

Mrs. Helen G. Hughes Hemphill, sister of Mrs. Pradensia Drayton, Area Consultant, Georgetown District, Palmetto South Carolina Conference

Sister Bertha Oats Williams, age 93, former first lady of many churches in the old West Florida Annual Conference, 11th Episcopal District 

Rev. Oliver P. White, Sr., ret. pastor in the C.M.E. Church, and brother of Rev. Agnes M. Henderson, Pastor of New Allen, Memphis, TN

Rev. Edna Fisher served for many years as a Local Preacher at Haw Branch AMEC in Richlands, NC, North Carolina Conference, 2nd District

Mrs. Marion Petersen Ford, the aunt of Dr. Sylvia Ross Talbot, retired Episcopal Supervisor

Mr. Earnest James Grant, brother of Rev. Howard L. Grant, Presiding Elder, Newark District, New Jersey Conference, 1st Episcopal District

Mr. Christopher Angelo McEachern, brother of Rev. Richard O. McEachern, pastor of Macedonia AMEC, Flushing, NY, New York Conference