The Reverend Leslie Joseph Scott was born on the 27 January 1918 in Cape Town South Africa as the youngest son of Annie and Christie Scott. The first building the young Scott laid his eyes on was Bethel AME Church in Blythe Street Cape Town. He attended Church School there and was accepted into full membership in 1942. He accepted the Lord as Savior and Lord in 1945.
He entered the ministry of the African Methodist Episcopal Church in 1950 at the Cape Annual Conference held at his home church Bethel. Bishop Isaiah Hamilton Bonner was the Presiding Bishop. He went to the R.R. Wright School of Religion in Evaton Transvaal. He received His first pastoral appointment in 1953 to a people whose language he could not speak nor understand, thank God for interpreters.
During the ensuing years he was honored to serve the church under the leadership of the following Presiding Prelates: Bishops Frederick D. Jordan, Francis Herman Gow, Harrison J. Bryant, George Dewy Robinson, Frederick Calhoun James, Donald George Kenneth Ming, John L. Hunter, Henry Allen Belin, Jr., Robert Thomas, Jr., McKinley Young, Harold Ben Senatlé and Gregory G.M. Ingram. It was during the tenure of Bishop Ingram that as a Superannuate, he was appointed as the Fifteenth Episcopal District Secretary and continued to serve in the Bishop’s Office under the leadership of Bishops Samuel Lawrence Green,  Sr., Wilfred J. Messiah, E. Earl McCloud and David R. Daniels until his 90th Birthday.
Rev. Scott’s sterling work in the 15th Episcopal District could not have been accomplished without his wife Cornelia at his side, with whom he would give thanks to the Almighty God for 54 years of wedded bliss in 2017.  His credo and witness remains, “Before the hills in order stood, Or earth received her frame, From everlasting thou art God, To endless years the same. O God, our help in ages past, Our hope for years to come, Be thou our guide while life shall last, And our eternal home.”
His contribution to the 15th Episcopal District will surely be missed as he enjoys his full retirement and the rest of his days, so deservedly earned.


Belated 90th Birthday well-wishes can be emailed to: revlesliejscott@yahoo.com  (Rev. Leslie J. Scott)


*Dr. Herman O. Kelly, chosen to receive The Kumba Community Member Award from Louisiana State University Barney African American Cultural Center

Dr. Herman O. Kelly, the Pastor of Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana was chosen to receive the Kumba Community Member / Organization Award as part of the 2017-2018 Louisiana State University Black History Month Celebration by the LSU Barney African American Cultural Center. Each year, LSU acknowledges individuals who embody passion, dedication, and commitment to Service. Dr. Kelly was nominated by Dr. Lori Martin, Director of African and African American Studies at LSU. The award recognizes the connection between the Academy and the Community. The award will be given on Saturday, February 24, 2018 at 10:30 am at The Annual Clarence Barney, Jr. African American Cultural Center, Louisiana State University Club at Union Square Baton Rouge, LA.

The Letter of Awards:
Congratulations Dr. Kelly! You have been chosen as a recipient of the Kumba Community Member/ Organization Award as a part of the 2017-2018 LSU Black History Month Celebration by the LSU African American Cultural Center.

The mission of the African American Cultural Center is to implement educational, cultural and social activities that acknowledge and address the needs of African American students at LSU. The Center also provides a venue for all members of the university and Baton Rouge communities to learn about African American culture, heritage and traditions. As we look to the future of the AACC, we would be remised to not acknowledge and celebrate those who have continuously impacted and modeled the mission of the African American Cultural Center in their everyday lives.  Each year, we honor these individuals during our annual AACC Jazz Brunch. This event is designed to acknowledge individuals who embody passion, dedication, and a commitment to service.  You were nominated for this award by Dr. Lori Martin.

We would like for you and all your friends and family to come out and celebrate your great accomplishment. The Jazz Brunch will be held on Saturday, February 24th in the LSU Club at Union Square The program will begin at 10:30 am. Guest can purchase tickets by following this link: http://www.lsufoundation.org/jazzbrunch.

We look forward to being able to honor you during this momentous occasion. Please let us know if you are able to accept this award by Friday, February 16h.  We also ask for a head-shot and a brief bio of yourself which is due Monday, February 19th by 9 am.
Evante Topp, MA
Assistant Director for African American Student Affairs
Office of Multicultural Affairs
Louisiana State University 
African American Cultural Center

Congratulatory responses can be sent to: spidermh7@yahoo.com, Dr. Herman O. Kelly.