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2 Corinthians 5:1 For we know that if the earthly tent we live in is destroyed,

we have a building from God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.


Rev. Jeremias Baisako, superannuated preacher in Namibia Annual Conference

Angela H. Smith, wife of Presiding Elder, Dr. William Smith, Marion District-Northeast SC Annual Conference

Randy Shelton Wilson, nephew of Gwendolyn Brown, Central SC Conference President of MSWAWO+PK’s

Rev. Kenneth Burnett, pastor of Bethel AME Church in Williamsport, Pennsylvania

Daisy Banks Gray, the sister of (3) 12th Episcopal District pastors, Revs. Larry, Rev. Lessly and Rev. Andrew Banks

Rev. Hugh Bennett, a retired preacher in the Oklahoma State Annual Conference

Rev. Willie James Moses, retired pastor, East TN Conference, 13th Episcopal District

Rev. Veola McGowan, retired minister, 12th Episcopal District

Andrew L. Hughes, the father of Rev. Anthony Hughes, pastor of Bethel Memorial AME Church, San Diego, CA.

Rev. John C. Justice, a former pastor in the New Jersey Annual Conference

David McCune, the brother of Rev. Ron McCune, pastor at Bethel AMEC, Bloomfield, CT, New England Conference

Dr. Edward W. Robinson, Jr., the uncle of the late State Rep. David P. Richardson, Jr.

Rev. Elizabeth A. Walton, Local Elder, New Allen Chapel A.M.E. Church, Delano, CA, 102 years old

Anna Roberts Lodge, mother of Augusta GA Conference YPD Director Mrs. Terri Lodge Kelly, 6th Episcopal District

Rev. Gabriel S. Hardeman, former pastor in Atlanta, Georgia; Singer-songwriter best known for co-writing R&B

Claudia Myers, the mother of Rev. D. Albert Turk, pastor at Emanuel A.M.E. Church, NY Conference, Manhattan District

Eugene Davis, the brother of Rev. Ruby Lowe, pastor Mt. Pisgah AMEC in Atlantic Beach and Rev. Mary F. Davis (11th)

James Purvis Shipman, father-in-law of Presiding Elder Larry S. Hinton, Great North District, NC Conference, 2nd

Carolyn J. Burgess, the widow of the late Rev. Braxton V. Burgess, WMS Life Member & former Episcopal WMS President, 4th

Reverend Richard L. Corpening, pastor of St Stephen AME Church, Liberty, NC, 2nd Episcopal District

Marion Tyson, widow of Rev. Dr. Albert Tyson Jr., mother of P.E. Albert Tyson, III,  (4th) & Rev. Margaret Tyson, pastor  (3rd)

Katie Theola Mitchell, mother of Rev. Vincent Floyd Mitchell, Presiding Elder of the North District-South Conference, 11th

Marilyn Auguste, the mother of Rev. Cheryl Auguste, who serves  the ministerial staff at Bridge Street AMEC in Brooklyn, NY

Rev. Arnold T. Evans, the pastor of First AME Church in Sharon Hill, PA (Philadelphia Conference, West/Mainline District

Rev. Ronald Woods of Perris, CA. Rev, who retired last year as pastor of Quinn AME Church, Moreno Valley, CA.

Deacon Edward Wright, the father of Rev. E. Jean Bonds, pastor at Mt. Zion AMEC, Riverton, NJ (New Jersey Conference

Deacon Ulysis Wooten, father of Mrs. Patricia Jones, father in law of Rev. Melvin Jones, pastor at Trinity Church in Cinnaminson, NJ

Joy Morgan, the wife of Rev. George Morgan, Sr., Pastor of Allen Chapel AME Church, Rockdale, Texas

Wesley Sams, husband of Rev. Gloria Cash-Sams, pastor of Wesley Chapel AME Church-Clute, Texas

William "Mike" Lee, the brother of Rev. Mae H. Smith, Pastor of Mt. Olive AME Church, Mineral Wells, Texas

Rev. Niklaas Christians, superannuated Presiding Elder of the Namibia Annual Conference

Mother Anna De Bruyn, mother of the Rev. Elliot De Bruyn of Ming Chapel, Saldanha, Cape Annual Conference

Karl Martin, beloved steward and trustee of Ebenezer Chapel Retreat, 15th Episcopal District

Henderson S. Davis, Jr., son of Dr. Henderson S. Davis, former Historiographer of the African Methodist Episcopal Church

Johnnie Mae Ferrill, the sister of the Reverend Truman (Rev. Bettie) Tolefree, pastor of Bethel AME Church, Bigelow, AR

Brother Kimberly Pendleton, the son of the Rev. MacArthur Pendleton, pastor of Bethel AME Church, Shelbyville, KY

Rev. Peola Scott, ministerial staff member at St. Philip Monumental AME Church, Savannah, GA,

James Edith, the father of the Reverend Mattie Riley (Frank) Hayes, pastor of St. Luke AME Church, St. Augustine, FL.

Gertrude E. Wilkie, the mother of Patricia Norris - daughter in law of Bishop and Mrs. Richard F. Norris and wife of Richard F. Norris, II

David Jacobs, 2nd youngest brother of the "Jacobs Clan": Rev. Anthony Jacobs, Rev. Daniel Jacobs and Mrs. Elaine Sauls, 15th

Wilma Sayles, daughter of the late Rev. Wlliam Marshall Jacks, Presiding Elder, Los Angeles District, Southern California Conference

Deacon Nathaniel James, the father of Charmaine Alexander, Financial Secretary for CONN-M-SWAWO, Plus PKs

Cynthia Dawson-Williams, the sister of Rev. Angelo S. Dawson, pastor at Bethel AMEC, Springfield, MA (New England Conference

Mother Juanita Wright, the mother of Dr Canise Bean, First Lady of the historic St Paul AME Church Columbus, OH

David L. Wiley, the brother of the Rev. Kary Williams, Jr., pastor of Payne Chapel AfME Church in Duquesne, PA

Mrs. Debra Verrett, sister of Rev. Gayle Davis-Culp, pastor of Holy Trinity AME Church, Long Beach, CA.

Anne M. White, the mother of the Rev. Dr. Carey G. Anderson, Pastor of 1st AME Church Seattle, Washington

Joyce Brock Cal, mother of the Rev. Reginald Brock, pastor of St. Matthew A.M.E. Church, Nashville TN

Rev. Hans Petersen, a seasoned Local Elder at the St Marks AME Church, Gibeon, RSA, 15th District

Joan White, sister-in-law of Rev. Mae H. Smith, Pastor of Mt. Olive AME Church-Mineral Wells, Texas

Thomas Reown, Sr., the brother of Rev. Oliver Reown, pastor of Baker Chapel AME Church-Big Springs, Texas

Mrs. Laura Wallace, the sister-in-law of Evangelist Tina Wallace-Ray, members of St. James AME Church-Fort Worth, TX

Sylvia Askins Bynum, sister of Mrs. Delorse A. Lewis & sister-in-law of Dr. Richard A. Lewis, Treasurer/CFO AME Finance Dept.

Charles B. Jackson, the father of Bishop Reginald Jackson, Presiding Prelate, 20th Episcopal District, Ecumenical Officer, Chair SAC

Mr. Frederick Patterson, Jr., the brother of Rev. Dr. Charlotte Sydnor, Pastor & brother-in-law of Editor Calvin Sydnor III

Reverend Terrance A. McClay of the Fourth Episcopal District

Doris Regina Lancaster Dandridge, the mother of Rev. Dr. John Dandridge, pastor of St. Paul Agnew AMEC  Pulaski, Tennessee

Darren Lee Ross, the brother of Rev. Dr. Eraina M. Ross-Aseme, Pastor Cain Grant AME Kansas City, Missouri

Vestoria Lyle Keesee, the aunt of the Rev. Robert E. Keesee, Presiding Elder, North Nashville District-TN

Kimley E. Jackson, the daughter of The Rev. David Walker, Pastor of the Greater St. James AME Church in Thomson, GA.

Johnnie Mae Sweat, the mother-in-law of Rev. B. Kaye Perkins Sweat, pastor of McGavock Chapel AMEC, Charlotte, TN

Grace Nonceba Tsimane, the wife of the Presiding Elder, Rev. AN Tsimane, Soweto, RSA

Meshack Mokhatsi, the brother to Rev. MJ Mokhatsi, Lebaleng, Makwasie, RSA

Mrs. Cynthia Carter, wife of Richard R. Carter, Jr. (pastor) in the 9th Episcopal District

Rev. Sello William Mashishi, the Pastor of Molepo AME Church, Ga-Molepo, Limpopo Province, RSA

Brenda J. Hayden nee Raynor, the sister of PE, Rev. Betty Furbert-Woolridge, East-West District, Bermuda Annual Conference

Frederick D. Coleman III, nephew of Dr. Jamye Coleman Williams, retired General Officer

Bobby Lee Hicks, the brother of Sister Denise Cox, First Lady of Bethel A.M.E. Church, Oxnard, California

Marie A. Jackson, wife of Rev. Leonard Jackson, currently the associate minister at First AME Church, Las Vegas

Charlene Mills, the wife of Rev. Anthony Mills, 8th Episcopal District

Mother Betty Jean Ransom, wife of former General Officer, Rev. McCoy Ransom

Rev. Barbara Harmon, a retired minister of the Washington Annual Conference

Rev. Ethel Bennett, Presiding Elder (retired), North Mississippi Conference, 8th Episcopal District

LaShunda Rundles, 2008 World Champion of Public Speaking, sister of Evangelist Sonya Rundles, 10th Episcopal District

Mrs. Zoretta Marshall, the mother of Mrs. Gwendolyn Latham, 1st lady, Mary's Chapel AME Church, Fayetteville, TN

Eugene Arrington, son of Rev. Annie C. Watson, a retired pastor on staff at Bethel AME Church San Diego, CA

Rev. Tanya Holmes, an AMEC Itinerant Deacon on staff at Tanner Chapel A.M.E. Church, Phoenix, AZ.

Dr. Henrietta S. Attles, the wife of Rev. LeRoy Attles, retired pastor from the First Episcopal District

Earl A. Prioleau, Jr., the husband of Rev. Delores A.B. Prioleau, former pastor, Washington Conference, 2nd Episcopal District

Bryan L. Cinder Washington, son of Presiding Elder Lloyd Washington, Jr., Alexandria-Thibodaux District-Central-North Louisiana

Rev. Earl Robertson a retired Itinerant Elder, East Conference, 11th Episcopal District

Floyd Johnson, the grandfather of Rev. Dr. Micheal A. Smith, Pastor of St. Andrews AME Church-Detroit, MI

Rev. Malcolm Steele, a retired pastor in the 1st Episcopal District, having pastored in the Delaware and New Jersey Conferences

Rev. Willie Walter Griffin, Sr. a minister in the 11th Episcopal District, Florida Conference serving several AME Churches

Gloria D. Spears, wife of the Rev. Herbert Spears, pastor of Green Chapel AME Church Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The mother of Mrs. Betty Braziel, wife of the Rev. Eddie Braziel, pastor of St. Andrews AME Church, Gulf Port, MS

Geneva Thomas, minister's widow in the Central North Louisiana Conference, 8th Episcopal District.

Presiding Elder (retired) Marcus H. Elliott, Jr., 12th Episcopal District, who served as PE in four districts

Minnie E.R. Alston, the wife of the Rev. William Hance Alston, a retired pastor in South Carolina, and ret. Mayor, Awendaw, SC

Elizabeth LaDuna Dubose, the mother of Rev. Martha A. Lang, pastor of Mt. Tabor A.M.E. Church, Philadelphia District, 1st

Perry Curtis Harvey, Jr., brother-in-law of Rev. Jimmie B. Keel, Presiding Elder, South District - East Conference, 11th

Rev. James Mwila, North West Zambia Annual Conferenc, 17th Episcopal District

Rev. Muyambo Chimba, North West Zambia Annual Conference, 17th Episcopal District

Lic. Nelson Mpasa, North West Zambia Annual Conference, 17th Episcopal District

Lic. Kasongo Lumbwe, North West Zambia Annual Conference, 17th Episcopal District

Lic. Morgan Chipasha, North West Zambia Annual Conference, 17th Episcopal District

Bro. Lazarous Mungo, North West Zambia Annual Conference,17th Episcopal District

Bro. Musondo Chinyangwha, North West Zambia Annual Conference, 17th Episcopal District

Samuel Webster Druid, brother of Presiding Elder Richard T. Druid, Atlantic City District of the New Jersey Annual Conference

Jim Willis, the brother of Rev. George S. Willis, III, retired 10th Episcopal District Itinerant Elder, member Baker Chapel, Ft. Worth

YPD'ers, Brother Henry Gunda, 17th Episcopal District, killed in the tragic auto crash

Evelyn Bentley, the sister-in-law of the Reverend C.E. Jenkins (retired), 11th Episcopal District.

Rev. Isaac Irving, Superannuated Itinerant Elder of the Western North Carolina Conference, 2nd Episcopal District

Elizabeth A. Hairston Fortune, the wife of the late Presiding Elder Walter F. Fortune, and the mother of Licentiate Ann Gamble

Rev. Dredford Shuler, Pastor of Webster Chapel AME Church-Gonzalez, Texas, Southwest Texas

Rev. Sylvia R. Turner Wilkerson, lifetime member and Associate Pastor of First A.M.E. Church, Gary, Indiana

Constance Hughes, the Mother of Mrs. Beverly H. Postell, first lady and Orlando District Consultant

Carter Bland, the brother of Presiding Elder Evelyn G. Dunn, Southern District - North Carolina Annual Conference

Annie Guinn, the mother of the Rev. Gregory E. Guinn, pastor of Ward Chapel A.M.E. Church, Prescott, Arkansas

Rev. Charles Watkins, a retired pastor from the New York Annual Conference

lfred Kunda Mugala, the eldest Brother of the Rev. Paul M. Mugala, Sr., 17th Episcopal District

Gloria D. Spears, wife of Rev. Herbert L. Spears is Pastor of the Greater Greene Chapel A.M.E. Church of Baton Rouge, La

Rev. John Chambers, ret. Pastor, New Jersey Annual Conference, he pastored Bethel AMEC in Metuchen, NJ

Rev. Roland Baker, Sr. pastor of  Oak Grove African Methodist Episcopal Church in Kentwood, Louisiana

Mollie White, grandmother of past Connectional YPD President, Reginald Cleaver, Jr.,

Rev. James R. DeFoe, husband of Deborah DeFoe and Pastor at Bethel A.M.E. Church in Monrovia, California

Rev. Michael D. Washington, pastor of Emmanuel AMEC, Hartly, Delaware (Delaware Conference, Wilmington District)

Rev. Deborah Green, the sister of Rev. Gervine Bell, pastor of Mt. Zion AMEC, Voorhees, NJ

Rev. Columbus Muse, Sr., ret. Presiding Elder of the Greater New Orleans - Greensburg District in the Louisiana Conference

Mother Sarah J. Gordon, former 15th Episcopal District WMS President,  Life Member WMS, spouse of late PE Arthur J. Gordon

Reverend Willie Ashbury DuBois, a retired minister in the Little Rock / Jonesboro District, Arkansas Annual Conference

Jodi L. Wade, the husband of Sister Betty Wade (Ward Chapel A.M.E. Church, Pine Bluff, Arkansas)

Rev. Michael L. Barta, Pastor of Murph Emmanuel AME Church in North Highlands, California

Rev. Edwin Singletary, retired pastor serveding nearly 30 years in the New Jersey and Philadelphia Conferences of the 1st

Clara E. Mitchell, the wife of retired pastor from the New York Conference, Rev. Jacovas Mitchell. Sis. Mitchell

Jessie Lee Britt Frazier the aunt of Mrs. Mary H. Collins of New Orleans, LA, widow of the late Presiding Elder Clarence Collins

Annette Jones, CONN-M-SWAWO, Plus P.K.'s Legislative Advocate, General Conference 2000; Connectional Lay leader

Lepang Mamogwa, mother of Rev. Otlotleng E. Mamogwa, Pastor of EM Makhuvha AME Church, Venda, Limpopo Province, RSA

Deacon Edwin, trapped in burning home in NJ, father of 1st lady Debra Bradley, Bethlehem AME, Burlington, NJ

Deaconess Charlene Jordan, trapped in burning home in NJ, mother of 1st lady Debra Bradley, Bethlehem AME, Burlington, NJ

Bobby Samuels, the father of Rev. Melanie Samuels-Black, pastor of Ward's Chapel AME Church, Scottsville, KY

Ben Mokote, the caretaker of the Episcopal Residence of the 18th Episcopal District

Dorothy Cleveland, the sister of Reverend Gloria Houser, Pastor of St. James AME Church, Inverness, Florida

Eddie Brown, father of Rev. Erma Raymond, pastor of Bethel AME Church, Dalton, GA, Atlanta North Georgia Annual Conference

Lillian Staten Dumas, the mother of Rev. Coleman Dumas III, Pastor of St. Mary's AMEC, Griffin Georgia District, 6th

Eva Philander, mother of Rev. Johan Philander,  cape Conference,15th Episcopal District

Dr. Ricky Spain, the 19th Editor of The Christian Recorder, African Methodist Episcopal Church

Francois Murat, Sr., father of Reverend Francois Murat, Jr., Pastor of Bethel AMEC, Cabaret, Haiti

Reverend Tyrone Wheeler, the pastor of Allen Temple AME Church, Brooksville, Florida

Rev. W.T. Washington, ret., spouse of former 12th Episcopal District M-SWAWO, President,  Mrs. Piccola Washington

Rev. Reynold L. Miller, Sr., Retired Pastor, and father of the Reverend Byron (Mrs.) Miller, 12th District

Thomas Gipson, Sr., father of Rev. Thomas Gipson, Jr, New Bethel AMEC Stuggart, AR

Hazel Dean Eldridge Mockabee, the aunt of Mr. Darwin K. Eldridge, Financial Secretary for the Connectional Lay Organization

Rev. Elliott J. Hobbs, the pastor of St. Paul AMEC in Rockville Center, NY (NY Conference, Jamaica/Long Island District

Rosetta Matthews, a member of the Macon Conference M-SWAWO and the wife of retired Pastor, Rev. Willie Matthews

Rebecca Frazier Cooper, the mother of Gwendolyn C. Brown, immediate past president Central Conference, 7th

Attorney Christopher C. Mercer, a General Counsel of the A.M.E. Church

Grenville L. Williams, the father of the Rev. Roger L. D. Williams, pastor of Mount Zion AME Church, Hastings, FL.

Henrietta Stitt, the oldest sister of Presiding Elder James H. Giles, Crossett District, East Arkansas Conference

Vinita Mitchell of Oklahoma City, OK, the  aunt of Mrs. Fredia A. Hanley-Johnson, President of Conn-M-SWAWO Plus PK's.

Bro. Darryl Duncan, the husband of Rev. Portia Williams-Duncan, Pastor of St. Peter Memorial AMEC, Arlington, Texas

Dwight A. Hardwick, the grandson of Licentiate Regina Dykes, supply pastor of New Life AMEC in Pittsburgh, PA.

Fabienne Johns Williams, the daughter of the late Rev. Clarence B. Johns, Jr. , pastor in the 1st Episcopal District

Dorothy Blake, the widow of the late Presiding Elder J.B. Blake, West Palm Beach District, South Conference, 11th Episcopal District

Mrs. Betty Jean Malvo; mother of Bishop Sarah F. Davis, Presiding Prelate, 16th Episcopal District

Deacon Roy E. Ford, Sr., the father of Mrs. Kemnesia Ford Hobbs, 1st Vice President, 6th Episcopal District  WMS

Vernice Clear Eubanks, the mother of Mrs. Mary Dickerson and the mother in law of Dr. Dennis C. Dickerson, Retired General Officer

Fred Bukson, Sr., the husband of Rev. Sharon Buckson, Pastor of Mt. Tabor AME Church in Keysville, GA

Robert Donnell Battle, the brother of Rev. Shelton T. Miles and Rev. Milton O. Battle, WNC Conference, 2nd District

Rosie H. Thompson, the mother of the Rev. Dr. Taylor T. Thompson, Pastor, St. Paul A.M.E. Church, Columbus, OH

Ruby Fuller, the sister of Sister Shirley Sheares; minister's widow, and a WMS leader from the Western North Carolina Conference

Harriet Elizabeth Hines Stukes, the aunt of Rev. Camelia Pierson Eaves, pastor at Union Bethel AME Church-Cary, NC

Mae Bell Browner, the mother of Sis. Alline B. Crew, the first lady of Ebenezer AME Church in Greensboro, Georgia

Rev. Beluah Lewis, a retired minister in the Oklahoma State Annual Conference, 12th Episcopal District

Wilhelmina McNeil, the Sister of Presiding Elder Larry S. Hinton, Northern District of the North Carolina Conference, 2nd

Jesse Hill, Jr., former chief executive of Atlanta Life Insurance Company, civil rights supporter & member of Big Bethel AME Church

Thelma D. Cheatham, the mother of Sister Brenda Jones, 1st lady, Union Community AME Church, Jacksonville, Fl

Rev. George S. Willis, III, Superannuated Pastor in the Northwest Texas Conference

Rev. Leonard Alfred, pastor of Shorter Chapel AMEC Giddings, TX, Southwest Texas Annual Conference-Austin Capital District

Gregory Scott Thomas, Jr., the son of Reverends Gregory and Michelle Thomas, Sr., Quinn Chapel AME, Cleveland, Ohio

Idella McCurtis, sister of Mrs. Jimmie Lee Jackson, President of the North Ohio Conference Lay Organization.

Gylnis Lorenzo, sister in law of the Rev. Sydney Gordon, pastor of St James AME Church in Athlone, Cape Town, RSA

Bro. Jeffrey Anfield, the brother of Pastor Sharon Buckson, a Pastor on the Augusta-Athens District, 6th Episcopal District

Isaiah Scott, the brother of 1st Lady Irma Scott Gantt/ the Rev. Lawrence Gantt, New Bethel AME Church, Port St. Joe, FL

James E. Taylor, Jr. , the son of Presiding Elder J.E. Taylor of the West Savannah District, the Georgia Conference

Cornelius Norman Taylor, father of Bishop Sarah F. Davis, Presiding Prelate, 16th Episcopal District

Rev. George Jones, Sr., of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a retired pastor of three Churches in the 1st Episcopal District

WMS life member, Lily Mai Thomas Boyd of Nashville, TN, widow of the late Rev. Jesse Boyd, a former pastor of Lee Chapel

Rev. Anthony P. Booker, the pastor of Disney AME Church in Philadelphia, PA (Philadelphia Conference, Philadelphia District

Rev. David J. Sparrow who served numerous congregations during his fifty years of Ministry in the 2nd Episcopal District

Reuben W. Ford, Sr., the father of Rev. Reuben Ford, Jr., pastor of First A.M.E. by the Sea, Santa Monica, California

Bernice Yount, WMS Life Member of the Western North Carolina Conference

Benjamin Lloyd, the father of the Rev. Larry Dixon, pastor of Mt. Teman AME Church in Elizabeth, NJ, New Jersey Conference

Lola Lindsey, mother of former Episcopal Supervisor Theora Lindsey Byrd, the widow of the late Bishop Vernon Randolph Byrd

Lola Lindsay, the grandmother of Rev. Vernon R. Byrd, Jr., a member of the Judicial Council of the AME Church

Shervett Daughtry, the brother of the Rev. L. R. Daughtry, pastor of Campbell's Chapel AME Church in Carrollton, Virginia.

Viola Harris, the great-grandmother of The Rev. Helen Johnson-Robinson, Pastor of Bethel AME Church in Monticello, FL

Tanya Lawrence, sister of 1st lady Tamara Gibson/Rev. Dr. Kyle Gidson, pastor of Metropolitan AMEC, Miami, FL

Lillie Mae Ebong, sibling of Rev. Eloyce A. Cartwright, staff member of Hunter Memorial AMEC, Suitland, MD

Hattie E. Jackson, the widow of former General Officer, Dr. H. Ralph Jackson, Director, Department of Minimum Salary AMEC

Loretta Rushing, the mother of the Reverend Myrtle Floyd, pastor of Delano Community AME Church, Delano/Earlimart, CA

Brian Jacobs Khan, father of Rev. Clive Pillay, pastor of St John African Methodist Episcopal Church, Kensington 

Rebecca Houston, the mother of Rev. Juanita Houston-Brown, assoc. minister, St. James/St. Philip AME Church, Harlem, NY

Rev. Cecil Napier, a retired pastor in the Kentucky Annual Conference, 13th Episcopal District

Frank Gilyard, Sr., the Immediate past Historiographer, Connectional Lay Organization

Mary A. Jackson, the sister of Gloria S. Bruce, widow of the late Y. B. Bruce, former General Officer and Presiding Elder

Sharon Mills, the wife of Rev. Latham Mills, 6th Episcopal District

Florence “Bee” Bell-Sconiers, sister of  Presiding Elder David Reddick, Dothan-Eufaula District, Southeast Alabama Conference

George L. Hobson, the father of Rev. Everett Hobson, Sr., pastor of Quinn Chapel AME Church - Lexington KY

Mother Rachel Berends, mother of Rev. Lauan C. Berends, pastor of Allen Temple AMEC, Cape Conference, 15th District

Helen L. Turner, widow of Rev. Thomas A. Turner, II, ret. AME Pastor, St. Spruce Street AME Church, 4th Episcopal District

Mother Wilhelmenia P. Conyers, great-grandmother of Rev. Rodrecus Johnson, Jr., pastor of St. James AMEC, Pittsburgh, PA

Betsy Parks, widow of Rev. H. L. Parks, Sr. (former Pastor of St. Paul AMEC, Greater St. James AMEC and St. John AMEC

Tessie P. Hill, the widow of the late Rev. H. Solomon Hill. Mrs. Hill was a member of Washington Chapel AME Church

Sister Myra L.  Matlock, Sister of Rev. Dr. Sherryl Matlock, 10th Episcopal District

Rev. Harold L. Rutherford, retired Presiding Elder of the Manhattan District, NY Conference, 1st District

Myra Lynne Matlock, younger sister of Rev. Dr. Sherryl Matlock, Pastor, "Historic" Allen Chapel AMEC, Fort Worth, Texas

Minnie Baker, mother of The Rev. Linnell Baker, Jr., pastor of Carey Temple AME Church of Chicago, IL

Elease S. McKinney the sister of Rev. Clinton Stancil, Senior Pastor of Allen Chapel AME Church, Kansas City, MO

Thelma B. Hearst, the Mother of the Rev. Dr. Stanley Hearst, Sr., Pastor of Bethel AMEC, Moorestown, NJ

L. Alyce Ingram, mother of Rev. David E. Reddick, Presiding Elder, Dothan-Eufaula District, Southeast Alabama Conference

Willie Lee Lamar Bivens, the mother of the Reverend Albert Bivens, Jr., Pastor of Bethel AMEC in Bellville, Florida

Gloria Jackson, mother of Rev. Dr. Benjamin N. Thomas, Sr. Senior Pastor of Historic Tanner Chapel AMEC Phoenix, Arizona

Rev. Benjamin Booker, Presiding Elder Emeritus, 13th Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church

The Rev. William Thomas Vaughn, Former Pastor in the North Texas Conference, March

Ethel Battle Megginson, Mother of Dr. Ethel Bayley-Scruggs, 10th Episcopal District

Aaron Berry, Brother of Rev. Ruth Phillips, 10th District

Sidney Thompson, Brother of Rev. Mae Smith, 10th Episcopal District

Gloria Callian Dentham, a ret. educator and the widow of the Rev. J. T. Dentham, a former pastor in the West TN Conference

Samuel Reddick, the father of Rev. Serena Lofton, the Pastor of Shocco AMEC, Spring Hope, North Carolina

Sister Gloria Gail Groover, sister of Rev. Gregory G. Groover, pastor of the Historic Charles Street AME Church, Boston, MA

The Honorable Moses C. McClendon, the uncle of Supervisor Phyllis N. Green (12th Episcopal District)

Benjamin P. Mitchell, father of Rev. Anthony Mitchell, Sr., pastor of Union Chapel AME Church, Newark, NJ

Mokgaetji Meriam Ncube, the mother of Rev. Alex Rametse Ncube, Pastor of Aganang AME Church, Polokwane, 19th District

Rev. David Bowles, Jr. Superannuated pastor, Eighth Episcopal District, African Methodist Episcopal Church.

Aaron Berry, brother of Rev. Ruth Phillips, Pastor of Allen Chapel A.M.E. Church, Huntsville, Texas.

Sidney Thompson, brother of Rev. Mae Smith, Pastor of Mt. Olive A.M.E. Church, Mineral Wells, Texas

William Thomas "Papa Vaughn" Vaughn Sr., father of Rev. William Thomas Vaughn Jr., 10th Episcopal District

Rosalyn Annette Hughes McCandless, wife of Rev. Daniel D. McCandless, Sr., a Superannuate pastor, Tennessee Conference

Rev. Mabel Hall, (102 years of age),  one of the first women ordained as an Elder in the AME Church in South Carolina

Christopher Frazier, grandson of Rev. Wallace and Mrs. Merilyn Gunn, the pastor of St. James AME Church, Covington KY

Queen Esther Brown, mother of Sister Harriet Brown Birk, Episcopal District WMS President

Juanita O. Garnett, mother-in-law of Presiding Elder Gary McCants of the South District, Illinois Conference

Maggie Lou Russ, the mother of the Rev. Phillip Russ IV, pastor of Hurst Chapel AME Church, Pensacola, FL

Ethel Copeland, the mother of Rev. Chris Copeland, Associate Minister, Ward Chapel AME Church, Memphis, TN

Hattie Pierce, the mother of Mrs. Wilma Miller, 1st lady of Sulphur Spring AME Church, Cunningham, TN

David C. (D.C.) Easley, the last uncle of the Rev. Dr. William W. Easley, Jr., pastor of Shorter Chapel AME Church, Franklin, TN

Rev. Amiel "Henry" Delafield an Itinerant Elder in the African Methodist Episcopal Church, serving in the 5th & 10th

Theresa Phillips, the mother of Rev. Bea Smith/ Rev. Alvin Smith, pastor of St. John AMEC Pine Bluff, AR

James "Jay" Edward Conyers, the father of Rev. Harold Conyers, pastor of Heyward AME Church, Gaston S.C

Rev. Teresa Thomas, pastor of Allen Temple AMEC, Marion, Indiana

Lawrence C. Hilgrove Dill, brother of Rev. Howard H. J. Dill, pastor of Allen Temple AME Church, Church-Sandys, Bermuda

Louise Jordan, the aunt of Ms. Billie Irving, the administrative asst. to the General Secretary/CIO of the AME Church

Pauline Hunter Young (100 ) the mother of Rev. Dr. Charles E. Young, pastor of Union Station AME Church, Sumter, SC

Francine Beavers Brunson, former AME Church General Board member and former Connectional Lay Officer

Fannie Hawthorne, the mother of Rev. Betty Gulley, pastor of Green Hill A.M.E. Church, Blevins, AR

Rev. Eugene E. Mobley, Sr., whose active ministry spanned 32 years pastoring in the East Conference, 11th Episcopal District

Minnie Washington Williams, the mother of Rev. Idola Batson, pastor of Mt. Calvary AME Church, Concord, Delaware

Rev. Lamont W. Harmon, retired Pastor of the Delaware Annual Conference, Dover District

Raymond B. Scharf, the son of Rev. Martha Daniels, a member of Christ our Redeemer AME Church, Irvine CA

Eddie James Kitchen, Jr., the nephew of Rev. Johnny R. Watson, pastor of Bethel A. M. E. Church, Knoxville, TN

Jeffrey White, the brother-in-law of the Rev. Johnny R. Watson, pastor of Bethel A. M. E. Church, Knoxville, TN

James Bailey, Jr.,the brother of Rev. Robert L. Bailey, Superannuate of the East Tennessee Conference, 13th

Robert Pettis, spouse of  Angela T. Pettis, member of the Revision Committee 2012 General Conference - 4th District

Towsend Harris, the mother of Rev. Dr. Lanel D. Guyton, pastor of St. Matthew AMEC, Orange, NJ

Marva Paris, first lady of St. Paul AME Church, Louisville, Kentucky and Life Member of the WMS (Rev. Kenneth Paris)

Rev. Tommie L. Walker, a Local Elder serving at Metropolitan A.M.E. Church in Harlem, New York (New York Conference)

Pearl Ling, the mother of the Rev. Barbara L. Terry, Pastor of Saint Matthew AME Church, Allendale, SC.

Wilbur Buchanan, the brother of Reverend Dr. Morris A. Buchanan, retired pastor, California Conference, 5th  District

Wardell Meadough, brother of Rev. Odell Meadough, member of the ministerial Staff of Holly Grove AMEC, North Little Rock

Thomas Askins, the brother of Delorse Lewis/brother-in-law of Dr. Richard Allen Lewis, Treasurer/CFO AMEC

Karen P. Jackson, the sister of Rev. Dietra C. Bell, pastor of Bethel AMEC in Brooklyn, NY (New York Conference)

Wanda Wood, wife of the Rev. Douglas O. Wood and first lady of St. Mary AME Church, Greenville SC

Isabella Boyer, mother of Rev. Belindia E. Boyer, pastor of Hebron AMEC, Linwood, Pa.

Presiding Elder Cornelius E. Jenkins, Retired Presiding Elder in the 11th Episcopal District

Antjuan Wallace, son of Rev. Carl and Ella Wallace, pastor and 1stt lady of  Allen Chapel AMEC, Wabasso, FL.

Dustin Kelly Henning, nephew of Bishop & Mrs. C. Garnet Henning

Edward Edgerton, the brother of Rev. Cleo Brenda Freeman, 3rd Episcopal District

Lois Bernadine Murray, the wife of Dr. Cecil Murray, ret. pastor of 1st AMEC, Los Angeles & sister of Bishop Philip R. Cousin

Ella Elois Dewberry, Former NE Texas WMS President- Grant Chapel AMEC-Palestine, July –2013

Rev. Jeremiah Mokhele Mokhatsi Sr. pastor in the West Conference, 19th Episcopal District.

Darrell Alphonso Goode, the brother of Rev. Robert L. Goode (Vera), Pastor of Springdale AMEC, Burlington, NC

Bobby L. Topps, spouse of Rev. Leoda Topps, the 8th Episcopal District President of Women In Ministry

Mpho Meriam Moremi, the Daughter to the late Rev. SZ Moremi, PE., 19th Episcopal District

Rev. Brian H. Thomas, pastor of Wrights AME Church, Elkton, Maryland, the husband of Rev. Dawn Thomas

Joan Elaine Roberts, mother of Rev. Karen L. Washington, pastor of Elizabeth AME Church in Bear, Delaware

Theodore R. Speight, grandfather of Rev. Allan Robinson, pastor of Bethel AME Church in Bayshore, New York

Rev. Benetia Tekosky Johnson, an Itinerant Elder and associate minister at Bethel AMEC in Copiague, NY

Jessie M. Franklin, the grandmother who raised and nurtured Keith Coston, Jr., 1st District YPD President

Ret. Chief Master Sergeant Louis James Allen, the uncle of Bishop Samuel Lawrence Green, Sr., Presiding Prelate, 12th

Ollie Mack, the uncle of Rev. Dr. Micheal A. Smith, Pastor of Mayo AME Church, Matteson, IL

Bernard Moultrie, brother of 1st lady Lynda Mitchell/Rev. Anthony Mitchell, Sr., pastor of Union Chapel AMEC, Newark, NJ

Reverend Bene Bowen, a retired pastor, of the 8th Episcopal District

Willean Wooden Bonner, former officer Conn-M-Swawo, 7th Episcopal District President

Beulah Mae Vassar, mother of Rev. (Judge) John McClarty, associate pastor of Warren Chapel AMEC, Chattanooga, TN

Vermell McCauley Temoney, the mother of Rev. Herbert L. Temoney, Pastor of St. Luke AME Church, Charleston, SC,

Reverend Amos T. Chester, a retired pastor, of the 4th Episcopal District

Caleb Booker Jr., the brother of Rev. Robbie Slaughter, Ret. Itinerant Elder, ministerial staff at Wesley Chapel Fort Worth, TX