Necrology,  Archive 2016

"Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life:

he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live."


Reverend William Phillips, pastor of Mt. Herman AME Church, Grenada, Mississippi, Eighth Episcopal District

Mamma M. Aletta Lebotse, the mother-in-law of Rev. Paul Messiah, pastor of Gow Chapel in kraaifontein-Cape Town, South Africa

Rev. Isaac O. Ryder, Jr., a retired Itinerant Elder in the Philadelphia Annual Conference

Reverend Emmanuel Conway Leak, retired pastor of the Fourth Episcopal District

Reverend Cato Leamon Mott, Sr., pastor of Saint Mary AME Church in Osteen, FL.

Reverend Carl Brinkley, retired pastor in the Central Conference of the 11th Episcopal District

Robert Lee Freeman, the father of the Rev. Roger Wilmer, pastor of St. James AMEC Chambersburg, PA

Sister Gwendolyn Scott, the mother of Rev. Darrell Scott, pastor of New Tyler AME Church, Memphis, TN

The sister of Mrs. Gloria Epperson and sister-in-law of  Rev.Jerry Epperson, Pastor of St. Mark AME Church, Parson, TN

Willie Thomas Allen, father of Rev. Dr. Marcia Allen Owens, Asso. Pastor of Arnett Chapel AMEC Quincy, FL 

Mrs. Alberta A. Hilton, the widow of Presiding Elder Jacob William Hilton, Sr., Brookhaven District, of the old Mississippi  Conference

Mrs. Emma Ray Arrington, the mother of Rev. Charlene Arrington-Moore (J.C. Moore), Pastor of Bethel AMEC, Michigan City, Indiana

Reverend Anthony Young, a Local Elder at Words of Faith A. M. E. Church, Mableton, Georgia,

Reverend Keith Jones, Local Elder and Associate Minister at Spelman Chapel, Kent, Ohio

Mrs. Elizabeth Rose Hightower Beasley, the mother of Rev. Vincent Hightower, Pastor of Zion Temple AME Church Brazoria, TX

Mr. Robert L. Leeper, the father of the Rev. Karen Bennett,  pastor of Paradise AMEC, Jefferson, Georgia, Athens-Vidalia District

Reverend Keith Jones, Local Elder and Associate Minister at Spelman Chapel, Kent, Ohio

Mrs. Elizabeth Rose Hightower Beasley, the mother of the Reverend Vincent Hightower, Pastor of Zion Temple AME Church Brazoria, Texas,

Rev. Anthony Young, a Local Elder at Words of Faith A. M. E. Church, Mableton, Georgia

Mr. James Randolph Dickens, father of Dr. William (Bill) Dickens, columnist, for the online TCR writing on AME Church School topics

Sister Mary L. Klugh, the spouse of Retired Presiding Elder Oscar Klugh of the Seventh Episcopal District

Sister Lela Briscoe, mother of the Rev. Tara Briscoe who is the pastor of Mt. Zion AME Italy, p

Brother Mason Rice Sr., the father of the Reverend Mason Rice Jr., Pastor at Saint James AME Church in Denton, Texas and

Mr. L. J. Sapp, the husband of the Reverend Equilla Sapp, a Local Deacon at Greater Hayes AME Church in Oakdale, Louisiana.

Sister Mary L. Klugh, the spouse of Retired Presiding Elder Oscar Klugh of the Seventh Episcopal District

Frank Brown, the husband of the Rev. Dr. Teresa Fry Brown, AMEC Historiographer

Mr. Lionel Hunter, the twin brother of Presiding Elder Cordell Hunter, Eastern District of the Baltimore Conference

Bishop Arthur Edwin Doctor, Sr., the father of Rev. Arthur Edwin Doctor, Jr., pastor of St. Mark AMEC in Wilkinsburg, PA

Sister Evelyn Daughtry, wife of Rev. L. R. Daughtry, the pastor of Campbell's Chapel AMEC in Carrollton, Virginia

Mr. Brandon Latroy Turner, the brother of the Reverend Melanie Samuels-Black, pastor of Wards Chapel AMEC, Scottsville, KY

Sister Lela Viola Ware, Widow of the late Rev. Charles E. Ware, WTN Conference, 13th Episcopal District

Sister Grace Simmons, mother of the Rev. Synovia Everett, Itinerant Elder of St. John AME Church, Nashville TN

Rev. Walter E. Daniels, Pastor of St. Mark A.M.E. Church, Atlanta, Georgia

Martha Links, daughter of the late Rev and Mrs. J.J Links; sister in law of Rev. & Mrs. Richard, 15th District

Mrs. Lois Patrick Clayborn,  AMEC PK, wife of John Clayborn, 13th District and mother of Rev. Dr. Patrick Clayborn, Huntsville, Al

Sis. Carmen Jovonne Eason, daughter of former connectional officer & pastor of St. Paul AMEC, Atlanta, GA, the Rev. John Eason (Linda)

Mr. Claude Presley, Sr., father of Rev. Shelva Presley (supernumerated minister in the Arkansas Annual Conference) 

Mr. Calvin McCoppin, the brother of Rev. Sandra M. Smith, Pastor of Little Zion AME Church, Greenwood, SC

John Jacobs, brother-in-law of Mrs. Lillian Joubert, wife of the late Rev Henry A. Joubert, 15th Episcopal District

Rev. John W. Robertson Jr, husband of Mrs. Floretta Robertson, the brother of the Rev. Mary R. White, Lexington, KY

Sis. Sandra K. Wood, who served the AME Church for over 30 years working in the AME Church Pension Department

Brother John Harvey, Jr., son of Rev. H. Lorraine Harvey, Randallstown, MD

Rev. Bernard A. Brown, Sr., loving shepherd of Cumberland AME Church in Georgetown, South Carolina, Georgetown District

Rev. Vara Burns, the wife of Rev. Harry Burns, Pastor of Orangehill AMEC, Wedgefield, SC,

Rev. Celestan Vaughn, a retired Itinerant Elder of the Louisiana Conference of the Eighth Episcopal District.

Mrs. Johnnie M. Williams Plant, mother-in-law of Rev. Reginald Cleaver Sr., pastor of Ward Chapel AMEC, Little Rock, AR

Rev. Dr. Lena Flowers, retired Itinerant Elder, former pastor of Cobb Bethel AME Church in the North Atlanta District

Brother Peter Felder, II.  Brother Felder, a member of Williams Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Orangeburg, South

Rev. Julia Tillman, Retired Pastor in the Columbia District, South Carolina Annual Conference, 7th Episcopal District

Mrs. Dorothy L. Martin, the mother of  Rev. Michael L. Martin, pastor of Greater Hayes A. M. E. Church, Oakdale, Louisiana

Mr. Willie Richardson, Jr., the brother of the Rev. Cheryl J. West & Rev. James Palmer, Jr., pastor of Saint John New Orleans

Mr. Gus Jones, the uncle of the Rev. Michael L. Martin, pastor of Greater Hayes AMEC, Oakdale, Louisiana.

Reverend Wyleeia McCrary-Moxey, pastor of Hatcher Chapel, Cleveland, Ohio

Mrs. Eddie White, Life Member WMS, sister-in-law of the Rev. Donald T. White, pastor, ret.TN Conference, 13th District

Rev. Calvin James Bush, former pastor of Mt. Zion, Brownsville, PA and Associate Minister at Bethel, PA

Paul Dykes, the husband of Rev. Regina Ragin-Dykes, the pastor of New Life AMEC, Pittsburgh, PA

Mrs. June Mac Sisco, the aunt of Mrs. Nona Freeman/Rev. Ronald L. Freeman, Sr., St. Luke AMEC, Daugherty, VA

Mr. Charlie Calvin Sr., father of The Rev. Charletta C. Robinson, Pastor of Bethel AMEC (Panama City, Fl.).

Mrs. Aline Hayes Wortham the widow of the late Rev. Willie W. Wortham, WTN Conference, 13th

Rev. Dr. Deborah Thomas Dennie, PhD, a retired Itinerate  Elder in the West Tennessee Annual Conference

Rev. Permell Jordan, retired Pastor in the Eleventh Episcopal Districy 

Rev. Dr. Cecil Wayne Cone, Former President of Edward Waters College

Ms. Myrtis Armbrister the aunt of Bro. Kevin Pryor, spouse of Rev. LaVeeshia Pryor, pastor of Saint Paul AMEC in Richmond, KY

Mr. Jordan L. Fugh, the brother of Bishop Clement W. Fugh, Presiding Bishop of the Fourteenth Episcopal District

Rev. Dr. Larnie G. Horton, Presiding Elder Emeritus of the Western North Carolina Conference, 2nd Episcopal District

Rev. Johnny Bill Stallworth, retired pastor and presiding elder, Pensacola-Panama City District, Florida Conference

Mr. E. D. Foster, uncle of Rev. Dr. J. Arthur Rumph, Pastor of Grant African Methodist Episcopal Church of Los Angeles, CA

Sylvester Thomas Baskin, the brother of the Rev. Carolyn Baskin-Bell, President of the 5th Episcopal District Women in Ministry

Rev. Wardell Dyson, Sr. ret. Pastor, father of Rev. Wardell Dyson, Jr., the pastor of Venable Chapel AMEC, Liverpool, LA

Rev. James E. F. Lawrence, ret. Presiding Elder, 1st Episcopal District, serving the Western NYk & South District, Philadelphia Conferences

Mrs. Ruby J. Alexander, widow of  Rev. Robert H. Alexander, Sr., the mother of Rev. James Alexander, Sr. Pastor of St. Paul Columbus, GA

Rev. Dr. Joan Wilkerson Stewart, the Sixth Episcopal District WIM, Executive Board Worship Leader

Rev. Lawrence Forman, Sr., retired pastor from the New Jersey Annual Conference

Rev. Ronald Freeman, a retired Pastor, Augusta Georgia Conference, 6th Episcopal District

Sister Virginia Norris Scott, the sister of Bishop Richard Franklin Norris, 116th Elected and Consecrated Bishop of the AME Church

Dr. Hallie B. Hendrieth-Smith, widow of the Rev. Noah Smith, 4th Episcopal District

Ms. Annie Mae Sanders, grandmother of Rev. James Keeton, Jr., pastor of St. James AMEC, Erie, PA

Presiding Elder Emeritus Jaime Coplin Shepherd, 16th Episcopal District

Mr. Eugene Johnson, Sr., the father of Rev. Dr. Vanetta Brice, Pastor of St. John AME Church, Hughesville, MD

Anthony M. Clark, son of Lucille Clark, brother of several 1st Episcopal Distor AMEC ministers

Mr. James Rayburn Webb, the brother of Episcopal Supervisor Dr. Wilma Delores Webb Williams

Ms. Toby E. Buchannon, sister of Mrs. Dorothy M. White and sister-in-law of Reverend Archie L. White, Pastor of Faith Chapel, Fostoria, Ohio

The Rev. Dr. James Nathaniel Hoskins, retired pastor of the 1st Episcopal District on staff at St. James AME Winston Salem, NC

Marlo Deniece Moore, the youngest sister of Elder Larry S. Hinton, Presiding Elder, Northern District , North Carolina Conference, 2nd District

Mr. Walter C. McNeely, the father of Immediate Past Connectional WMS Worship Director, Dr. Barbara E. McNeely-Bouie

Mrs. Geneva Coleman wife of The Rev. David C. Coleman, retired presiding elder of the South District, Chicago Conference

Mrs. Odessa Brown, Past President of the South Ohio Conference WMS, Past President of the 3rd Episcopal District WMS, pastors widow

Mrs. Bettie Hicks, the wife of Rev. Dr. George Hicks, Pastor of Ebenezer AME Church, Wateree District, Central Annual Conference

Jean Audrey C.Cobbs, sister of Barbara C. Parrot/ sister-in-law of Presiding Elder Allen W. Parrott, Kingstree District, Palmetto Conference

The Reverend James H. Johnson, retired Pastor of the Virginia Conference

Sister. Ollye Martyn Kinchion Wright, widow of the Rev. Eugene W. Wright, Sr., Southern. California Conference

Reverend Michael Stewart, former pastor of St. Luke A.M.E. Church, Hensley, AR

Mrs. Gloria J. Thompson, Life Member WMS and a past Conference President of the California Conference WMS

Mrs. Susan Nomvula Hoorn, wife of our supernumerary minister, the Rev Benjamin Marthinus Hoorn, emeritus Presiding Elder, 15th

Mrs. Wilburn L. Boddie, one of the founders of AME-SADA its longest serving Board Member

Bro. Torgsten Doniell Simmons, the brother of Rev. Synovia Everett, Itenerant Elder, St. John AMEC Nashville, TN

Miss Jessica Gabrielle Crawford, the daughter of the Rev. D. Lavel Crawford, Sr., pastor of Avery Chapel AMEC, in Oklahoma City, Ok

Ms. Barbara Ann (BobbyAnn) Dyson, mother of the Rev. Dr. Barbareta McGill of the Western North Carolina Conference

Sister Melinda R. Wilhite Evans, the sister of the Rev. Priscilla Taylor, Local Elder, Ministerial Staff at Young's Chapel AMEC Louisville, KY

Reverend Hurdie Billingslea, Jr., retired Itinerant Elder whose last pastorate was at St. John AME Church in Worthington, Ohio

Mrs. Costella Ayres, Life Member WMS and the wife of the late Rev. Dr. W. C. T. Ayres (Presiding Elder) 3rd

Bro. Alvin Hugley, son of the late Dr. A.A. Hugley, wife of local Elder, Allen AME Pittsburg, PA

Rev. Mal Gibson, Senior Pastor of Historic Trinity, Manning District, Central Conference, 7th

Mrs. Shirley J. Driver, sister-in-law of Presiding Elder & Mrs. Hartford Lee, Daytona Beach District, Central Conference, 11th Episcopal District

Bro. William Lindberg Young, the brother of Rev. Thann Young, Pastor of Hemingway Temple AME Church in Washington, DC.

Ms. Almeta Johnson, the grandmother of the Rev. Dr. Cornelius Hudson, an itinerant elder in the Northwest Texas Conference

Mrs. Gloria J. Thompson, Life Member WMS,  a former connectional WMS workshop presenter, 5th Episcopal District

Mr. Ralph Nolan Bulle, Sr., the brother of Mother Joan Marla McAllister, the Episcopal Supervisor of the Eighth Episcopal District

The brother of Dr. John Q. Owens. Dr. Owens is the former Director of the Commission on Social Action

Mrs. Shirley Lee Driver, sister-in-law of Presiding Elder & Mrs. Hartford and Bernice Aplin Lee, Daytona Beach District, Central Conference

Sister Mable Jones McCall, wife of Rev. Dr. Homer L. McCall, retired pastor of St. John AME Church, Huntsville, AL. 

Mr. Oscar B. Green, the stepfather of Rev. Dr. Gilbert Morgan, Sr., Pastor of Park Memorial AME Church, Romulus, Michigan

Reverend Peter J. N.  Stephen, originally from the Guyana/Suriname Conference

Presiding Elder Emeritus, Tyson L. Coble, Sr., Eastern District, Western North Carolina Conference, 2nd Episcopal District

Mrs. Betty Owens, the sister of the Reverend Sylvester Marshall, Presiding Elder of the Natchez-Port Gibson District

Mrs. Genora Newell, a life member of the WMS & mother of Mrs. Eloria James, the President of the 8th District MSWAWO+PK’s

Lola Hines, the spouse of (Ret) Presiding Elder Joseph Forbes.  past Conference Branch President of the Kansas Nebraska WMS

Dianne E. Freeman the President of the Midwest Conference Clergy Family Organization

Kenna Christopher Owen, the brother of Paul Joseph (Marcia Fugh Joseph), son-in-law of Bishop Clement W. & Dr. Alexia B. Fugh

Mr. Thurman Miller, Sr., the grandfather of Rev. Dr. Brandon A. A. J. Davis, pastor of St Andrewes AME Church Youngstown, OH

Mrs. Vernadine Carter, wife of the Reverend Dr. Carrington D. Carter, pastor of Mt. Moriah AME Church, Annapolis, Maryland.

Andrew Jackson, Jr, father of 1st lady, Peggy Jackson Wrigh/ father-in-love of the Rev. Charles T. Wright, pastor, Holy Trinity Las Vegas, NE

Mr. Eugene Victor Woolridge, father of the Rev. Trevor E. Woolridge, Pastor of Johns Chapel AME Church, Enterprise AL

Rose Fowlkes cousin of Dr. Joan L. Wharton, pastor of Hemingway Temple AME Church, Baltimore, MD

Ariel Hubbard, cousin of Dr. Joan L. Wharton, pastor of Hemingway Temple AME Church, Baltimore, MD

Josiah Hubbard Kirby, cousin of Dr. Joan L. Wharton, pastor of Hemingway Temple AME Church, Baltimore, MD

Mrs. Ilah M. White, the mother of Rev.K.C. White, pastor of Ebenezer AME Church-Charlotte Hall, MD (Potomac District/Washington Conference)

Daisy M. McKenzie, mother of  Joy Johnson, 16th District WMS Asst. Recording Secretary & grandmother of Rev. Shawin A. Reynolds

Mrs. Cordelia Meeks Smith, clergy widow of over 40 years from the Kentucky Conference of the Thirteenth Episcopal District.

Mrs. Mamie Hopkins Battle Miles, grandmother of Mrs. Starr Battle, Esq. (Leonard), Lay Alternate, Judicial Council, AMC

Mrs. Patricia Ann (Bell) Palmer, the sister of General Board Member, the Rev. Larry James Bell, 4th Episcopal District

Sis. Melusina (Mel) Sasportas Reeberg, the sister of the Rev. Marilynn S. Robinson/Kenneth, former pastors, St. Andrew, Memphis, TN

Charles E. Jenkins, Jr., son of the late Presiding Elder Charles E, and Mrs. Lula Jenkins

Mrs. Bernice McWilliams, the sister of Retired Judicial Council Member, Atty. Benjamin F. Edwards, 5th Episcopal District

Presiding Elder Goodwin Douglas (Emeritus), Presiding Elder, Capitol District, 2nd District, and former Chair of the Episcopal Committee

Doris Grace Franklin, mother of the Rev. Dorisalene Hughes, 5th District Director of Prayer/Rev. Christine Stancil, 1st lady of Wayman, St. Lou

Rev. Florence Olivia Griffin, the sister of the Rev’s Archie Griffin, Etta Garth & VeRissa Cora Williams,13th District

Mrs. Geneva Jackson, the mother of the Rev. Martin Jackson, pastor of Young's Chapel AMEC, Cotton Valley, LA

Mr. Lonnie Charles "Sonnie" Williams, brother of Rev. John T. Grissom, pastor of St. Luke AMEC, Forrest City, AR

Rev. Melvin Eugene Turner, brother of Saundra Lucas, 12th Episcopal District; AMEC General Board and Secretary of the SAC

The Rev. Billy Scott, Sr., pastor of Bethel AME Church, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Mrs. Naomi Ruth Whitted Carter, wife of the Reverend Dessie L. Carter, retired pastor, Washington Annual Conference

Clark Odell Mayes, father of Dr. Terence L. Mayes Sr., PE, Chattanooga District. & Rev. Keith R. Mayes, Sr., Pastor of Bethel AMEC Knoxville

Ret. Presiding Elder, Rev. Elliott L. Strickland of the Southwest Georgia Conference, Sixth Episcopal District

Deacon LeRoy Clegg, brother of Mrs. Aline Allen, widow of Presiding Elder Thomas Gene Allen, 12th Episcopal District

Mrs. Emogene "Baby" Noles Thomas, mother of Mrs. Wendy K. Miller (12th District M-SWAWO + PKs - PK Coordinator)

Rev. E J Fundi, father of Sister Charity Fundi, South West Zambia (SWZ) Conference Lay Organization Corresponding , 17th District Secretary

Rev. Victor Ntinda Sikazwe, Pastor at Bright Temple MATERO AME Church, Former Presiding Elder, 17th District

Mrs. Christene Helen Knew Chambliss, former Connectional WMS Officer and WFMW President, wife of CAPT. USN retired, Carroll Chamliss

Sister Amanda Ragin Logan, the mother of Reverend Gervine Bell, pastor of Mt. Zion AME Church in Voorhees, NJ

Mrs.  Rosie Lee McNeil, mother of the Rev. Georgia Morrow, pastor of Greater St. Paul AMEC in Morgantown, WV

 Mr. James McAllister, the brother of Bishop Julius Harrison McAllister, Presiding Bishop, 8th Episcopal District

Mrs. Lillie James, sister of the Rev. Georgia Morrow, pastor of Greater St. Paul AMEC in Morgantown, WV

Rev. Hodijah O. Gray, retired pastor (Superannuate), and husband of Sister Lula B. Gray, a member of St. Andrew AME Church in Pine Bluff

Mrs. Joan Lee Nelson, the sister of Supervisor Ernestine Lee Henning (ret.), and the sister-in-law of Bishop (ret.) Cornal Garnett Henning

Mela D. Merrick, the sister of Rev. Johnnie Merrick, Pastor of Bethlehem AMEC - McAlpin, Florida

Reverend Abner C. Wright, Sr., retired Itinerant Elder of the West Virginia Conference, serving over 50 years

Brother William Cobb, the son and step-son of Sister Jessie Kirkland and the Rev. Louis Kirkland, Mother Mid-Way Jacksonville

Mrs. Daisy Bee McKelphin, sister of Mrs. Priscilla Scott, Rev. T. W., pastor and first lady of St. Paul A.M.E. Church, Arkadelphia

Ch (COL-Retired) John DeVeaux, the brother of Bishop William P. DeVeaux, Sr.

Rev. Eugene W. Wright, Sr., itinerant in the AMEC as he pastored in each of the seven (now six) Annual Conferences in the 5th Episcopal District

Reverend Richard C. Dyson, Sr., age 83, retired pastor in the Washington Conference of the Second Episcopal District

Reverend Frank Price the pastor of Bethel AME Church in Campbellsville, Kentucky

Michael LaWayne Cooper; the brother of Mrs. Gwendolyn C. Brown/Rev. Ronnie Brown, pastor of Pine Grove AMEC Greeleyville, SC

Sister Thelma Glover, distinguished lay leader and educator in the Pacific Northwest Annual Conference, 5th

Mr. Roosevelt “Jack” Robinson, Hurricane Matthew related fatality 10/9/16, brother-in-law of Shirley J. Sheares, 2nd District

Linwood Lewis, Sr., the Brother-In-Law of Dr. Sylvia Ross Talbot, Supervisor Retired

Bro. Ellis Dean Boatley, the brother of Sis. Shelby G Strode, wife of Rev. Dr. Robert A. Strode, pastor of St. Paul A.M.E. Versailles, KY

Sister Maggie Jo Harper Jefferson; the widow of the late Presiding Elder Willie Jefferson, Jr, 7th Episcopal District

Mr. Emanuel T. Manigault, Sr., father of Reverend Carl Anderson, Pastor of Greater St. Stephen AMEC, Georgetown District, 7th District

Mrs. Virginia Stanley, the widow of the late Rev. Hugo Stanley, Sr. and a member of Greater St. James AMEC, Conway, SC

Br. Michael Smith, the brother of Rev. Dr. Stanley Smith, pastor of Asbury AME Church in Chester, Pa.

The Reverend James Howard Stowe, Jr, pastor of Brown Chapel AME Church, Cincinnati, OH

Mrs. Jamie Brown-Liggins, the wife of Rev. Timothy E. Liggins, pastor of Grace Covenant AME Church, Whitehall, OH

Ms. Geraldine “Gerri” F. Ballard, grandmother of Rev. Carolyn C. Cavaness, Pastor, Bethel AME Church of Ardmore, PA

Mr. Orlando V. Brown, Sr., the brother-in-law of Bishop William P. DeVeaux, Sr., retired bishop in the A.M.E. Church

Mrs. Gracie Coward, mother of Reverend Dr. Derrick Scott, Pastor of St. Paul (Irmo) African Methodist Episcopal Church, Columbia District

Brother Jerry Rankin, the younger brother of Brother Bobby Rankin, Chief Security Specialist of the  African Methodist Episcopal Church.

Mr. Herman J. Felton, Sr., father of Dr. Herman J. Felton, Jr., President of Wilberforce University, Wilberforce, OH

Mrs. Minnie M. W. Hall, mother of Rev. Clinton J. Hall, II, Pastor of Trinity AME Church, Beaufort District, South Carolina 

Mrs. Julia Denise Snell, the niece of Presiding Elder (retired) Clarence V. Boyd and Mrs. Birdie M. Boyd, 12th Episcopal District

Sister Mary Ann Baker, the wife of Retired Pastor, the Rev. James Baker of the North Carolina Conference, 2nd Episcopal District

Mr. Timothy Williams, the nephew of Presiding Elder Ernest L. Montague, Baltimore Conference, 2nd Episcopal District

Rev. Leroy Kennon, Retired Presiding Elder of the Orlando District, Central Conference, Eleventh Episcopal District.

Mr. Terrance Oswald Alston, the brother of Rev. Peggy J. Pope, the pastor of Greater Mt. Ararat AMEC of Nesmith, South Carolina

Rev. Gabriel Cuthbert Thomas, retired Itinerant Elder of the Windward Islands Conference, Sixteenth Episcopal District.  

Mrs. Mary M. Hughes, the mother of the Rev. Thomas M. Hughes, Presiding Elder of the South District, Chicago Conference

Gwen Ifill, PBS political reporter and vice-presidential-debate moderator, sister of connectional officer, Presiding Elder Earle Ifill

Mrs. Letha M. Brooks, the mother of the Reverend Arnett Thornton, Pastor of Community AME Church, Cleveland

Retired Presiding Elder, Rev. Samson Manoah Cooper, of the Pittsburgh-West Virginia Conference, 3rd Episcopal District

Sis. Larce Callender, widow of the late Rev. E. G. Callender, WMS Area Chair, 6th Episcopal District

Sister Ruth Cecil, the aunt of the Rev. Karen Y. Carter, Supernumerary Minister, Kentucky

Reverend Willie Rainey, Pastor of Palestine AME Church, Tyro, Arkansas

Mrs. Susie Wade Washington, the aunt of Rev. Dr. Robert C. Wade, Presiding Elder, Camden-Trenton District, NJ Conference

Mr. Sylvester Luckey, father of the Reverend Dr. Clarence Luckey, 12th Episcopal District

Mrs. Rebecca Davis, the mother of Sister Annie L. Cummings/mother in law of Rev. Archie Cummings, Pastor of Heard AMEC, NJ

Mother Ameta Thompson, the grandmother of Lic. Jennifer Greer, wife of Rev. Daylan K. Greer, Sr. pastor Bethel-Bloomfield, CO

Mr. Phillip Eugene Thomas, Sr., the brother of Mrs. Janet Benjamin, Executive Assistant to Bishop James and Supervisor Arelis Davis

Mrs. Marie Dyer, sister of Karen Christopher, sister-in-law of Rev. Dr. Wendell Christopher, Sr., Pastor, Faith AMEC, Laurel MD

Mr. Charles . Flunder, brother of the Rev. Horace R. Charles, pastor of Greater Lee Chapel AMEC, El Dorado, 12th Episcopal District

Mr. David Middleton, uncle of Mrs. Dianna B. Golphin, spouse of the Reverend Kenneth J. Golphin, 13th Episcopal District

Reverend John Baker Brown, Sr., Retired Itinerant Elder of the 3rd Episcopal District.

Mrs. Velma Lee Oden, 1st lady of Bethel AMEC Oxnard, CA/ former 1st lady of Brookins Community, wife of Dr. Clyde Odom, Jr.

AME PK, Mr. Robert Thomas Matthews, III, past 6th District Lay Director of Public Relations

Rev. Sylvia Ann Harris, sister of Rev. Fred Harris and Rev. Dr. Sheila Harris of the 13th Episcopal District.

Brother Eugene Minson, Jr., the father of Rev. Eugene Minson, III, Pastor of Emanuel AME Church, New Rochelle, N.Y. Conference

Brother Barnel Louden, the father of Rev. Ellis B. Louden, Pastor of Mt. Zion AME Church, Dover Delaware, Delaware  Conference

Mother Helen Toodle, the aunt of Rev. Juanita Hall Walters, Pastor of Greater Mt. Olive AME Church Philadelphia

Mr. Willie E. Brooks, father of the Reverend Arnett Thornton, Pastor of Community AME Church, Cleveland, Ohio

Reverend Theaussar Campbell, Retired Itinerant Elder, North Carolina Conference, 2nd Episcopal District

Rosalind Louise Walker, sister of Rev. David Walker, Pastor of the Greater St. James AMEC, Thomson, Georgia

Mrs. Mary Elizabeth W. Mason, the mother of the Rev. George “Sonny” Mason, IV, pastor of Brooks Chapel AME Church, Tulare, CA

Mr. Elvon Deberry, father of Rev. Sabrina Transou, Pastor of New Greater Bethel AME Church, Jackson, TN

Mrs. Hazel C Mwandu, the wedded wife of Rev. Honest Mwandu, pastor of Jordan Chapel AME Church, Zambia Conference of the 17th

Mrs. Aline Watson Johnson, mother of Daniel W. Johnson, pastor of Allen Temple AME Church, Pine Bluff, AR

Mrs. Cynthia Ann Shuler, the President of the 10th Episcopal District M-SWAWO +PK’S

Mrs. Margaret Wright Cummings, the sister-in-law of Ret. Bishop Frank Curtis Cummings